Belkin SOUNDFORM Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger (Alexa Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Speaker) Sound Technology By Devialet, Fast Wireless Charging for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & More - Black

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  • HIGH-FIDELITY SOUND: With the Belkin SoundForm Elite Speaker, you can enjoy your favorite music with superior sound quality. This smart speaker features full resonant bass and crystal-clear tones, for a truly high-fidelity audio experience.
  • WIRELESS SPEAKER WITH BLUETOOTH: This wireless speaker allows you to use Bluetooth technology to play and control your music while experiencing stunning, room-filling sound throughout your home.
  • FAST WIRLESS CHARGING: The SoundForm Elite features integrated fast wireless charging for iPhone at 7.5 Watts, Samsung at 9 Watts, and Google at 10 Watts. Vibration-canceling technology in the speaker ensures your device charges without interruption.
  • MUSIC IN EVERY ROOM: The Belkin SoundForm Elite Smart Speaker allows you to create a whole-home audio experience and plays music in multiple rooms at the same time.
  • SMART SPEAKER WITH ALEXA: Even connect with Alexa to find answers online, manage everyday tasks, and easily control smart devices around your home—just by using your voice

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions9.06 x 8.84 x 8.07 inches
Item Weight4 pounds
ManufacturerBelkin Components
Item model numberG1S0001my-BLK
Date First AvailableSeptember 8, 2020
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 29, 2023
tiene buen sonido materiales de calidad
Reviewed on July 27, 2023
Speaker sounds good and charged phone but constantly disconnects from Alexa Fire TV. I’ve reset it and checked for updates but it is not a good Alexa speaker.
Reviewed on September 20, 2022
Another great quality product from Belkin. The bass is as good as the marketing hype says it is, a very wide and dynamic lows for a speaker of this size left me impressed. The mids are more than acceptable but the high end is a little weak without high volume. That left me a little underwhelmed with the speaking so I jumped into the soundform app to see if theres an equalizer setting or sound profiles at the least and to my disappoint there wasnt any. I have left a review on the app store and I’m pretty confident Belkin will add it in the future. Speaking of the app, there were numerous bad reviews about customers not being able to connect but I had no issues at all. The app found the device and after pairing I was able to cast from my iphone and I even went to my computer and opened youtube and clicked cast and the device was there and started streaming to the speaker without any problems.
Reviewed on July 13, 2023
I like it good sound
Reviewed on February 15, 2023
My biggest issue with these is Belkin’s lack of support for their products. I’ve seen it with Wemo, Linksys, and all their other brands. This uses a super generic (and terribly designed) app to connect it initially and link to Alexa and then the app is just useless after that. Also, if you don’t want to use Alexa and just like the idea of having a charger/speaker combo with Airplay 2, there’s no way to adjust the EQ on these. You HAVE to integrate them with Alexa and then SPEAK to Alexa to adjust the EQ because guess what… the EQ in the Alexa app doesn’t work for this. You have to actively tell Alexa to adjust the bass/treble/mid. WHYY?? On top of all this it uses a massive power adapter (for good reason) that has to be plugged in which; 1- looks ugly, and 2- blocks the other outlet. Why couldn’t it have just been integrated inside the speaker?? But the WORST part about this is how often it disconnects/stop working with Airplay. I have to unplug/plug back in ATLEAST once every other day so it can start working with Airplay again. It’s ONLY redeeming quality is the sound. (It doesn’t charge a phone that fast either if you were wondering). The sound quality unsurprisingly is very smooth. All the notes are very clear and bass response is pretty good. That being said, anything past 60% starts to get pretty distorted and the bass just falls flat on its face after about 65%. This sounds best from 10 to 50% volume which is a little unfortunate but between that range they sound really good. My only other complaint about these is that while it is circular, it does not have 360 sound. It is very much unidirectional and if it’s not directly staring at you it sounds a bit… off? I got these on sale when they were $90 and for that amount I think they’re meh. But for $200 I would have been ripping my hair out.
Reviewed on October 24, 2022
I like the overall sound of the Devialet system in this Belkin. Enough so that I bought two in a month. Wireless charging works fine on my Samsung. My only complaint is the crap packing that Amazon does. Both shipment did not have a good amount of packing material. A piece tossed in kind of thing. Like they don't care about a electronic device. Speaker flew around in first shipment you can hear it slide and bang the sides when picking up. Now the pics is of the second box. Flying around so much and hard it broke the tape. First pic how it look opening the box. Power supply out of package under all that is second pic. Power supply originally is in the bottom of speaker box. Just shows how much abuse from the bad packing. Third pic is the cover that is tape to the top of speaker box. Ripped out cause of insufficient packing. The one bunch of air packs stuck to it. F on packing of the two boxes. Also I just received a drone thrown in a bigger box. Again flying around in a box. No packing material. Seems like the norm. Bluetooth is a charm. Wifi with app is not. Belkin app can't pick up speaker to wifi.
Reviewed on September 09, 2022
Bought this speaker on prime day so I’ve had it for about 2 months at the time of writing this review. I gotta say I really like the speaker sound quality it sounds clear with a good amount of bass for such a small speaker. Wireless charging could be better but honestly who buys a speaker to charge their phones. It’s cool and all but I got better wireless chargers for my phone. My problem with this speaker is the connectivity, particularly the wi-fi. It’s a smart speaker it’s supposed to be connected at all times. My speaker after a couple of hours it disconnects from the wifi. I have to unplug it then replug it for it to connect again. It’s such a hassle. I’ve factory reset the speaker a few times and nothing. So now I’m stuck with a great speaker with really poor wifi connection. Bluetooth works alright but I bought a smart speaker not just a Bluetooth speaker. I would have given this item 5 stars if the wifi worked.
Reviewed on October 12, 2022
Setting up the unit is easy! I like that I can use the wireless charging feature of this speaker. I also like that it was developed in coordination with Devialet. However, the sound quality is a bit disappointing- my old Harman Kardon speaker sounded much better. Perhaps I just didn't give it a lot of playing time to sort of break it in, I don't know.