DOSS SoundBox XL Bluetooth Speaker with Subwoofer, 32W Loud Sound with Booming Bass, Dual DSP Technologies, 10H Playtime, USB-C, TWS, 2.1 Sound Channel Home Speaker for Indoor, and Office-Upgraded

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  • Resonant Acoustics Design: The exceptional acoustic design of these speakers optimizes the diaphragm area within a sealed structure to deliver powerful bass. Moreover, it reduces driver excursion while maintaining sound pressure, resulting in less distortion and a more defined and accurate sound.
  • Expansive soundstage: Experience your preferred music spread evenly and accurately throughout the space. DOSS SoundBox XL speaker is equipped with advanced super Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) full-range drivers with wide directionality to offer a wide soundstage. Dynamic sound is reproduced precisely across a wide frequency range, so you can even more easily sense the positioning of instruments and feel more immersive and lifelike.
  • Precise Acoustic Tuning: Dual advanced DSP technologies are specially engineered to provide a superior transient response and impressive ample bass with lower harmonic distortion. With an ultra-wide frequency range spanning from 50 Hz to 20 kHz, this speaker is capable of reproducing dynamic sound that accurately captures the nuances and intricacies of any song.
  • 32W Impressive Sound: Enhanced with dual 10W 2-in full-range drivers, a 12W 3-in subwoofer, and dual DSP technologies, this DOSS SoundBox XL speaker delivers a high-quality, room-filling sound with rich bass, tight mids, and crystal clear highs. Saturate a large room with incredible sound at a loud volume.
  • Booming Bass: Powered by a 12W subwoofer and dual passive radiators, the DOSS SoundBox XL speaker boosts more low-end frequencies for deeper, richer bass. Feel and hear the beat around you with heavy bass with less distortion.
  • Multiple Connectivity: Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, enjoy seamless music up to 66 feet. Also, you can play music with a 3.5mm Line-In cable (not supplied) or Micro SD card (not provided).

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions11.8 x 2.6 x 5.2 inches
Item Weight3.46 pounds
Item model numberSoundBox XL
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableJune 21, 2017
Country of OriginChina
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on August 08, 2019
First, lets start with the size, it's quite large at 12" wide by 5" tall. I spent a month digging through every video and review I could find about this speaker before I finally made the plunge, but somehow this particular aspect of this speaker never seemed to make it to the list of things to talk about and of course, I did not actually look. To the average viewer, it seems smaller in size in the videos. It seems very well constructed and unlike many of the older reviews, it does not have the vibration issue that plagued these in the beginning. In fact, the foam pad, that at first was simply floating in the grill and then later glued to the grill, has now been removed all together and I think that this was probably the best way to fix the issue. The buttons are very tactile and they actually took a bit of pressure to respond to my choices. For instance, the volume keys on my unit did not actually work very well at first. I needed to press quite firmly to get them to respond, but after doing that to all the buttons, it seemed to do much better and now does not require the firm press. Appearance is simple and has some small issues. First, there wasn't any protection film on the button bar on my unit. I'm not sure if this was missed, or that this is the way they all come. But I did notice some dings and scratches on the edges of the button bezel that were likely due to manufacture issues. Since this part is very shiny and reflects quite a bit of light, this took away from the "New" feel, but was not in anyway a deal breaker. The next small issue is the black high gloss frame around the grill and back. This border is so glossy that it attracts all sorts of dust and hair. I found myself wiping if off many times just in the first hour of playing with it. The third minor issue is the grill. It picks up every little bit of oil from your fingers. If you pick this unit up, (in the only real way to hold it) your fingers will press against the grill. When you set it back down, there is a very dark smudge where your fingers were. It is very noticeable and could be easily remedied by using a fabric cover instead of the semi-gloss paint. I think this would also give the unit a much more pleasing visual presentation and allow it to compete better with other portable speakers in it's class. The unit is charged with a propitiatory 12 volt 2.5 amp round plug charging adapter. This has some benefits and drawbacks. The benefit is that it will charge much faster than a typical USB charger. The drawback is that you will need to keep this charger with you in case you need it. That can be an issue if you don't have a bag to carry it in. The plug felt snug and should provide a long life as long as it is not dropped or banged while plugged in. So how does it sound? Let's start with the sound stage. This is the feel of the sound, and how wide the music coming out of the speaker feels when listening to it. The Doss XL does not have a very wide sound stage at all. For example, I have a Go Groove SonnaVerse UBR sound bar on my monitor for my computer. This is not a very high end sound bar, but does have a good sound stage that allows you to feel like your not listening to your music in a audio tunnel. When listening to the Doss, it seems very narrow in it's sound stage. In fact, you can test this yourself by simply closing your eyes and then taking the speaker and putting it a few inches from your face playing it on low. When you do this, the sound stage is like it should be. But as you move the speaker farther from your face, the sound stage starts to collapse and by the time your arms length away, it sounds like it's coming only from the middle. This severely dampens the "stereo effect". The sound Quality. To be honest, after a boat load of reviews of this speaker I had some pretty high expectations, and when I played my first songs on the speaker from my phone, I almost thought I was going to ship it back. I use a paid music app called Power Amp. It is very powerful and versatile app, and has many settings that allow you to customize your sound the way you choose. And on my Sony V600's headphones, it rocks like no tomorrow. But on the Doss, this was not the case no matter what I did to make it come out better whether using Bluetooth or the headphone jack to aux input. One thing I did notice after using this speaker for a day or two is that if you have your phone volume up to 100% the pre-amp in the speaker starts to distort and the speaker sounds really bad. If you turn the phone volume down to 80% then that distortion goes away. I'm not sure if this is an issue with certain types of phones or a bigger issue with the pre-amp in the speaker. I found that it did this only when using Bluetooth or the headphone jack to aux. Since the volume on the speaker is separate from the phone volume you could turn the speaker volume up to max and then use the phone volume to control the volume. On the SD card it plays very clean at any volume. But my real reason for buying this speaker was for the TF card reader, or "Micro SD" card reader. I use this speaker at work, and I don't keep my phone with me when working So I needed a speaker that would play off of a micro Sd card, and not many portable speakers come with this option, so my options are limited. So I loaded a bunch of tunes on the SD card and let it rip. The highs are still pretty muddy even with some very good quality songs. At this point, it's obvious that this is a tuning issue inside the speaker it's self. Even when using the phone through the head phone jack it still would not allow anything above 8K to really come out. I think if they had made the tweeters angle a bit to the outside of the speaker and adjusted the internal EQ, this would fix both the sound stage and sound issue. I took the speaker all over the house and tried different angles and placements. Putting it in a corner amplified the lows considerably, but also muddied them just a bit. Over all, I was much more pleased with the sound out of the SD card than the Bluetooth, but all three suffer from muddy highs. Also, once past around 1/2- 3/4 volume the bass tends to fade a bit, and you loose those rich lows. I guess this is to be expected though, When it's playing, you can feel the vibrations from that sub and it's pretty awesome. My guess is that this is done to keep it from distorting at high volumes, and also a way to give more battery life. I have only three real complaints about this speaker, and one has to do with your choice of input. When you turn the Doss on, it automatically goes into Bluetooth pairing every time. Even if you were using the SD card or the aux plug in for your source. The minute you turn off the speaker and turn it back on, the speaker does not remember your last input setting, and again tries to pair with my phone. And of course my phone prompts me every time it tries to do this. So every time I turn this speaker on I have to wait for it to start pairing before I can hit the mode button to change it to the SD card input. Thankfully though, it does remember what song I was playing last and continues to play from that point. Second issue is the rubber feet. Seriously guys and gals at Doss. This speaker has some really good bass and will move around at higher volumes. Put some bigger feet with some better grip on the bottom of this thing. The ones that are on there are only a half inch square, and are so recessed into the plastic as to almost make them useless. I took the advice from another reviewer and purchased the SoftTouch Self-Stick Non-Slip Surface Grip Pads - (6 pieces), 1" x 4" Strip - Black s from Amazon when ordering this speaker and that fixed that issue. Third issue (and this is the biggest) is the clear lack of good high end sound 8K and above. It really hurts the music and also the sound stage. I can clearly tell most of the high hats and cymbals are being muffled and chopped out. I did a side by side comparison with my low end speaker bar with the same songs and even my wife, who usually could care less about sound quality, said she could clearly hear the sound difference. I truly believe that if they fixed these three issues, that this speaker would be almost unbeatable, and worth more money. So, the Pro's and Cons' here. Pro's: Awesome Sub lows reproduction. You will never get anything better in this size anywhere. Good weight to keep it from going anywhere if you use the pads. Visually appealing but a bit dated in style. Battery life is around 8 hours with fast battery charging. Around 2-3 hours for 8 hours of play time at 1/2 volume. Incredible bass reproduction (Yes again). This is where this speaker really shines. It's like having a small sub woofer. Con's: Easily marred by finger prints, dirt and dust. This is not your dirty area speaker. Not water or dust resistant in any way, do not use if you think it will get wet or in dirty environments. No USB charging. High end sound is very muddy and was almost a deal killer for me. Update: Was a deal killer for me. Does not remember input settings when powered up. Rubber feet are a joke. Would greatly benefit from a felt bag or some sort of protective case. My final thoughts. If they would put some sort of rubber casing, even a slip on shell and fix the grill with some fabric, this speaker would be better suited for outside use and look much better and I would have paid more for it. As is, it's more suitable for inside on the go music for maybe your office or such. Also, having the sound buttons have either a different indent or placement would greatly help in finding them since they are in the middle of the buttons and you have to look to see which one is which. I work in a controlled area and I actually found a zip up bag at my local second hand store that fit this speaker perfectly for only $1.50. So now when I'm carrying it around from location to location it does not get all mucked up with dust or get dinged or scratched up. Base reproduction is absolutely amazing at low to almost 3/4 high volume on almost all the music I tested But the lows come out much better if the speaker is placed in a corner. When putting it in some places in the house, the lows almost disappeared. So speaker placement is important. If they could fix the issue with the highs, this speaker would be freaking awesome. Many thanks to the reviewers for all their input and especially to Oluv's Gadgets, truly the best speaker reviewer on the internet. Update 8-11-19 Sadly, I had to send this speaker back. The missing highs and the narrow sound stage was just too much for me. The speaker had a canned sound that I just could not get past no matter how much I loved the lows. Hopefully, they will read this and perhaps even find someone that can tune the speaker better for them. Till then, I cannot recommend this speaker to anyone. Update: 8-19-19 So for a little over $20 bucks more I purchased the Anker Soundcore Motion+ and I can, without any reservation at all say that this is what the Doss should have been. Clear highs, even better base without the muddyness. USB C 2.0 amp charging. 6,700mah battery with 12 hour play time. Nice rubber casing with a better grill. Easy to find volume buttons. The thing blew me away. This was Oluv's pick of the year by the way. The Doss folks need to buy one of these and compare their sound with it. I think it would really help them to get the sound on the Doss right.
Reviewed on August 15, 2017
The DOSS Soundbox XL seem to be plagued either by bad design issues or a high rate of poor manufacturing quality. I recently got one, and took off the cover to remove that speaker grill liner some reviewers said causes a rattle and saw the left tweeter cone was mashed in. I returned it to Amazon only to get a second one with an annoying bass vibration, one recent Amazon reviewer described as a "farting sound" with music with a strong bass line. It actually happens at 54 hz when you use a tone generator and comes from air blowing out the jack/slot holes in the back. I really liked the sound, but I feel this needs to be shared. DOSS needs to get it together before I would even consider a THIRD. UPDATE: Aug 29, 2017 Within a short time, I got a reply in this thread requesting my email in order to receive a replacement free of charge from Milla with DOSS. Without that, I would have probably not ordered a third.The replacement arrived a few days ago and I am submitting the following update. Milla was quite wonderful sending me updates as to the status of the arrival of the new unit. The first thing I did was remove the grill to check if the dust liner was loose like the first two only to find that it was attached directly to the inside grill. The drivers looked perfect. After charging a few hours, I was ready for my test to confirm if the air leak problem was fixed. I put on a few bass heavy songs and listened for that telltale air leak. As i turned the bass up to the point of distortion, the cabinet seal held. I got no rattles The top trim plate seemed to be secured tighter as pushing down on it detected no movement indicating bad adhesion. This one as far as build quality was perfect. Rather than evaluate the sound in depth right out of the box, my experience as an audiofile knows that it takes a few hours of playing different kinds of music at various levels to allow the speakers to break in and not sound dry and stiff, but more rounded like live music. After two days of playing off and on, the sound difference as they broke in was quite noticeable in the sense of warmth also with an increase in sonic accuracy. I highly suggest one of the better apps for music playback rather than the generic one that comes with your device if you really want to experience their true capability. As an audiofile, listening to various players using my headset was the test.. After trying/buying several, Jet Audio Plus was my choice. I custom built my home PC with a high end audio card including custom opamps, mil-spec capacitor, low noise motherboard, a case that isolates the power supply, routing the wiring, etc. Windows system tweaks, and special software that as a result compares spec for spec and in sound quality with the more expensive audiofile preamps sold separately. So using this app, I have been listening for hours with everything from smooth jazz, rap, rock, and other types also with various dynamic ranges. I will give my impressions based on other bluetooth speakers i have auditioned. Frequency Response: To my ear, this speaker is flatter and more neutral and natural sounding than most. The bass extension is uncanny for a box this size and not only goes lower, but maintains a sense of focus and tightness to actually be able to hear the low notes, not the boomy blur that seems to radiate out of most of the others at this price range. I actually put a little dip in the bass at 60hz because i felt the bass a little overemphasized for my room proportions. The mids were just fine. The treble has a slight roll off due to the dust cover I presume, but it is easily correctable with your player's equalizer with just some minor tweaks above 10k. Soundstage: The Soundbox XL creates a soundstage that occurs just in front of the speaker and has a 3D quality of air, that is missing from most of the others. It is so good that on certain songs you can hear each instrument or voice distinctly in their own "space". Also when placed 12 inches from a solid wall, the soundstage blooms to a room filling wall of sound as the back wall reflections contribute to the sense of space and presence. This also increases the bass to a point you can FEEL. This same effect happens placing it in a corner, but i found that 33" from the center of the back of the speaker to the corner works without overloading the sound with bass. Dynamic Range: After the speaker broke in, i noticed the sound become more alive in sense that as each instrument or vocal in the music became louder of softer, the overall balance of soundstage pretty much stayed flat instead of the dropouts or peakiness you hear with speakers that have a narrow range of accurate frequency reproduction based on the frequency amplitude "sweet spot" of each driver. It results in a lack of listener fatigue for extended music listening and as a result is more akin to my home rig sound. Overall Loudness: For most listening, esp indoors, I find the volume range more than adequate. This range can be extended using the preamp setting in the equalizer such as the Jet Audio to levels that go beyond the max that is available on the generic device that is set to protect the internal speaker and earbuds. A step or two up is what i found works best. without significantly increasing the possibility of damage. This speaker ROCKS! If I have to find a fault, it is having readjust the speaker volume each time it is turned on. The speaker sounds better with its volume set at max and controlled by your device. If you do this make sure the volume on your device is turned down a lower range before you adjust the Soundbox XL volume to max. In summary, based on their top notch customer service, better build quality and the other attributes I highlight in this review, the DOSS Soundbox XL, especially at the price point, is 5-Star product. There just is nothing better, IMHO. I can't wait for the pairing option to come and and review a stereo pair! Thanks, Milla. Well done, DOSS!