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  • ♩♪♫【BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS WITH TRUE 360° STEREO SOUND&AMAZING BASS】The speakers Bluetooth wireless deliver immersive sound with rich bass,clear mids and highs,dynamic sound.Even at maximum volume,without any breaking sound.This portable bluetooth speakers is equipped with two powerful loud speakers.This bluetooth speaker enhances the bass and stereo sound effects. It would be a great portable speakers bluetooth wireless for home or party.
  • ♩♪♫【SPEAKERS BLUETOOTH WIRELESS WITH IPX5 WATERPROOF】The bluetooth speakers are resistant to splash,rain,gentle spray.Therefore,this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is applicable in shower room,by the pool or beach.This portable speaker is suitable for any outdoor or indoor activities.However, please do not drop it directly into water!!!
  • ♩♪♫【PORTABLE SPEAKER WITH 24H LONG BATTERY LIFE】Musibabay Speakers Bluetooth wireless,size only 7.1*2.2*2.4in,strong bass beyond it's size, and 24H super long playtime.It is a great small bluetooth speaker.The long battery life and loud sound effects make such a portable speaker suitable for any indoor or outdoor activities.In terms of weight, the portable bluetooth speakers are light and stylish.If you are looking for bluetooth speakers portable wireless,it would be a great choice.
  • ♩♪♫【SPEAKER WITH DUAL PAIRING】Connect 2 portable bluetooth speakers,they would play at the same time! Different models of MusiBaby bluetooth speakers can do dual pairing.You can display one loud portable speaker in the living room and another bluetooth speaker in the kitchen,so that you can get music anywhere in your house. Enjoy the great mood that music filling in your house.M71 speaker can do dual pairing with MusiBaby M68 speakers.This is a great bluetooth speaker.
  • ♩♪♫【BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH STRONG BLUETOOTH 5.0 SIGNAL】Musibaby M71 speakers can connect normally under difficult conditions and the signal is not disturbed.The speakers bluetooth wireless is with surprisingly wireless range 100ft and fast connection to any of your other bluetooth devices.You can also use a 3.5mm audio cable for connection. Musibaby portable bluetooth speakers cover 12-month hassle-free purchase experiences and our lifetime customer services.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions7.1 x 2.2 x 2.4 inches
Item Weight14.8 ounces
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableSeptember 8, 2020
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 18, 2023
I don’t use the speaker for music, so I don’t really care about the sound for Music. I care about the sound of words. I use it for my TV so that I don’t wake up my grandson in the next room. I can put it on my shoulder, but it sit there. Or not. I really don’t have to put it on my shoulder because it’s loud enough and clear enough sitting on my bedside table. I am very happy with this product.
Reviewed on May 12, 2021
it does not really have a full body sound to it if you crank it up it sounds a little tingy ive never used it long enough to kill the battery so as far as i know it works well enough as far as water resitance i dont plan on intentionally getting it wet for a review but for the money i spent on this its not to bad i am updating this review do to new circumstances as you can see the product description for this speaker encourages you to buy them in a set for the best quality in sound as most of us know most companies will say anything to get you to purchase there products so i over looked the mention of buying this product as a set i now have a set and the quality in sound is as advertised it did make a huge difference having the second speaker but that is not the focus on my update for this review after writing my review a customer rep (julia) reached out to thank me for the review and asked me if i would like the second speaker for free so i may see the difference in sound at first i thought it was junk mail or some scam tactic to get a couple more dollars from me on the original purchase i am sure most of us have had an experience where you get a follow up on a product witch was selected from a preauthorized list designed to get you to spend more money so i was skeptical that this offer was indeed real but out of boredom i responded to julia's email and i would like to tell you every detail about meeting julia and my experience with her but i can not simply put into words how amazing it was if you have ever had a bad experience with a customer rep or know someone who has im sure you can relate to how disappointing it can be and how common this happens thats why i am sharing this with everyone my experience with julia and this comp was so amazing that i will be buying at least a dozen more speakers for my family as gifts and if your reading this dont hesitate buying this product and i encourage you to get them as a set and if by chance julia reaches out to any of you like she did me please tell her one more time that i thank her so much for the overwhelming experience i wish every company i purchase products from had a julia or someone that cares enough to put quality of service in there customers like she did i know every comp out there tells you that your satisfaction is there priority but they dont really care or mean it i left my original comments on this product up to show you that i was already happy with my purchase before this company reached out to me to better my experience with them it was nice to see someone motivated to treat people like we all want to be treated with out concern for money (thanks again julia)
Reviewed on June 06, 2023
Great overall speaker system. But it could be a little bit louder and then it would be perfect.
Reviewed on May 10, 2023
Works great. It is loud enough for outside.
Reviewed on February 07, 2023
I charged it and then put on a song with lots of bass and guitars - it did better than I was expecting for the price ~$32 I feel like when I turned it past about 80% the bass started to distort and fizzle in the speaker a little bit It’s sleek and black - comes with USB charging cord, aux cable included.
Reviewed on February 13, 2023
Just got it today , opened it up and put a usb drive in and was jamming !! lol sound much better than expected , not sure about battery life yet but will update...1st day I love it !!
Reviewed on March 17, 2021
I got the M68 speaker for Christmas and liked it a lot. Just purchased this M71 to compare them. The M71 has superior sound quality to the M68 which can be painful on the ears at mid to high volume due to very high "highs" / treble. It took a several attempts for me to get my phone to connect via BlueTooth to the M71 for some reason. I think it was my phone because of the multiple things I connect it to. It connected immediately to other devices. The sound was so good listening to "Steady Me" (featuring Karen Gillespie) by KXC, that I got goosebumps! The radio picked up quite a few stations at my house (in the hills) which was surprising because the M68 didn't pick up a single station sitting in the same spot. The downside is that the M71 isn't waterproof, and it's probably not as safe to take in dirty / dusty / damp places as the M68. It also doesn't port quite as easily as the M68 which sits neatly in my cupholder of my truck. Also, you can push the bass too hard. The sound is great, but if you max out the volume, you'll hear some distortion in the speakers. It's not terrible, but I'd be cautious about maxing it out in some situations. If you want ultimate portability and reliability in less than ideal conditions for electronics, go with the M68. If superior sound quality is what you want, the M71 is definitely the way to go. Great product for the price.