W-KING Bluetooth Speaker, 50W IPX6 Waterproof Loud Speakers Bluetooth Wireless, Large Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer for Deep Bass/Bluetooth 5.0/Power Bank/40H Play/TF/AUX/NFC/EQ

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  • 50W HD Sound With Punchy Bass - Get a 50w output power and the latest state-of-the-art 4 drivers (2 passive subwoofers and 2 tweeters) and double passive bass radiators are located on the right and left side of the loud bluetooth speaker producing punchy bass and true HD sound. Frequency range: 90Hz-20KHz. With the loud bluetooth speaker, you will feel best atmosphere for new year party, indoor and outdoor activities, jobsite, gym and Thanksgiving Christmas parties.
  • 100W Powerful Beast Stereo Sound - Easily pair two portable speakers, Upgrading 100W stereo surround sound immediately. The powerful bluetooth speaker bring sound to life for a fantastically dynamic Audio experience. When you listen to music, watch movies, or play games, the two powerful Bluetooth speakers creating left and right channels immediately brings you extraordinary clarity and detail. The Bluetooth speakers really make great Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for women and men!
  • IPX6 Waterproof And Power Bank Function - As a Power Bank to charge your smart device. There is a massive rechargeable battery, a single charge gives you enough juice to 40 hours of playtime. IPX6 waterproof mechanical casings makes it suitable for outdoor activities and passive radiators covers prevent accidental bumps and drops. Take the waterproof rugged bluetooth speaker with you on camping trip or beach party!
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 & Hands-Free Calling - With V5.0 outdoor bluetooth speaker, you can communicate with the phone assistant and never worry about sudden Bluetooth disconnection while using! Have a wireless connection range of 100ft, creating a fast and stable signal transmission. The built-in microphone also provides a hands-free of your call. Included 3.5mm audio jacks and TF-Card Slot. Please use a 5V 2.0A power adapter (not included) to charge your outdoor bluetooth speaker
  • Equalizer & One-touch NFC - Take your sound quality into your own hands with the built-in equalizer (indoor and outdoor mode). Adjust your audio signal, find the right balance, and enjoy deep bass, clear mids, and crisp treble. NFC connection allows you to pair your smartphone with your portable speaker by simply touching it (NFC Only for Android)

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions4.65 x 12.6 x 4.65 inches
Item Weight5.3 pounds
Item model numberD8
Batteries4 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Connectivity technologies
  1. Bluetooth

  2. Auxiliary

  3. USB

  4. NFC
Special Features
  1. Auto EQ

  2. Dolby trueHD
Other display featuresWireless
ColourAll Black

  2. LTD
Date First AvailableJanuary 2, 2020
AvailabilitySold Out
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 14, 2022
The first one I bought was green. So... I bought the black one and even tried out the TWS feature. Which was a bit tricky to set up. I'll help with that in this review. This is one of those diamonds in the rough products. You see the price, think, eh that's borderline getting expensive, but not too expensive for an impulse buy. Also weirdly there's like 80 different listings for this speaker sold apparently by the same company with the exact same specs and appearance yet wildly different prices. So confusing. I paid less than 70 for both speakers which is a steal for what you get. Sound 4/5: This has the potential for what appears to be great sound but that metal mesh starts getting in the way of it at higher volumes. Since you can start hearing a buzzing occur as the volume maxes out which is the sound of the grill rattling. Loudness 3.5/5: Now, I KNOW, I'm a weirdo, and this will WAY MORE THAN SUFFICE most users needs, heck may be too loud for most. If you're using this in the garage at your workbench or other 20x30 space, the sound will more than overcome most things save for like a miter, even then It will be audible if slightly muffled over the miter. I wanted it to go with me while I mow the lawn. Now I sit on about 30,000sq ft of land or 2/3rds of an acre. Might be more than that, I don't know, I don't remember what they told me. IT's a lot of land and a lot of house. My house sits 100ft in from the road that runs in front of it. SO... I needed something that covers basically 100ft x 200ft. NOW I didn't expect it to do that much but even on the mower it's "Comfortably audible", like normal conversation level. So you can hear the music but eh, expected louder. Portability 3/5: This thing is big and rightfully so, not saying it doesn't justify its size. it's slightly smaller than the PK7 LG XBoom (don't worry we'll talk about that blunder in comparisons). BUT, now I'm not a tall man at 5' 5" but I'm a wide man, over weight, sturdy looking, so very wide chested as well. AND man that shoulder strap does not get long enough At its longest setting It rests around my elbow, just below my pec. ISSUES: -Loudness loss: So... maybe this is breaking in period issues that I'm not used to not being familiar with sound equipment, but the green one after a very short time with it (while I'm still pleased with my purchase) lost some loudness. My guess; due to these being Neodymium driven speakers (rare earth magnets) means when it gets hot the magnetism also weakens. Meaning volume weakens. Which for Garage users and North of Mississippi where I now reside, may not also have as much issues. BUT it gets hot down here on the southern coast of this country and SUNNY. And this is a black item. Sigh. so SADLY I think I lost some volume due to those combinations. Sound quality is still there. -Directional: Noticed that the sound is very directional. There is a HUGE drop-off in volume when you walk behind the speaker. Likes: -NFC pairing, nothing more annoying than doing the bluetooth settings dance which I had to do with another speaker. So... NFC pairing eliminates that issue. -TWS: Works well and I can't wait to give it a proper test drive next time I have to do yard work. Also, doesn't seem to have a lot of latency if any, but my set-up is having one by the first front door to my house and then the other by the garage which is on the side of the house so there's enough of a separation that when one gets out of ear-range, the other enters it. TWS Pairing (For those who bought two): WARNING: IF you have a speaker already paired to your phone, nuke it from your connection settings or disable bluetooth, since I couldn't win the battle between trying to connect my two speakers together. 1) Turn off Bluetooth or remove speaker connection from list of connected 2) Turn off speakers if they're on 3) Turn on both speakers at the same time 4) On one speaker double press the "Power Button" the LED in the power button should alternate from "Green and Blue" Where the other speaker should be steadily flashing ONLY blue. You'll know it's connected when the "Green and Blue" flashing one stays on blue. 5) turn on bluetooth or connect the speaker to your phone's bluetooth will be RIGHTLY labeled as "WKING D8" This is made easier if your phone has NFC since you can tap your phone to the NFC spot and does all the annoying bits for you. You should be good to go. Comparisons: I have a lot of speakers, something absurd and not exaggerating, around 100+ speakers, and that's a conservative estimate, if I remember correctly it was like 130 or something. It's a lot. SO... I can compare them with my "LOUDEST" speakers which are just two others. LG PK7: The W-King D8 demolishes it, at literally 1/4th the price point. The W-King beats it in every metric even sound quality, and the PK7 a 250-260 USD speaker with "MERIDIAN TUNING" (OOH) sounds quieter and worse. Mifa F60: Now here's where things get spicy. The Mifa is half its size, and maybe 10% quieter than the W-King D8 and in the same price range. This becomes problematic since, I do like the W-King and think it earns its price tag, but due to the Mifa's smaller size and nearly equal volume and quality output, makes it easier to strap to the ol' mower and get it closer to my ears. Also means I don't have to annoyingly lug a giant box in with me into the house after 4hrs of mowing the lawn. Yeah, that's only one part of the front lawn, the whole property takes about 6-8 hrs to mow since I use a 21in push mower. Also the issue is the F60 is near impossible to find. Conclusion: This is worth its price easily and if the green one is expensive, then the black one is usually cheaper, and vice versa. This thing is built super durable and sounds way better than a 250 USD speaker with some fancy pants tuning lab behind it. Rare instance of you get more than what you paid for it, and the green one has already taken a decent beating riding on the mower and having chunks of tree branches assault it. This is definitely Garage and Camping ready. W-King should be proud with what they made. If you're going to use this outdoors, might I suggest going to Walmart or Lowe's or the likes and purchasing white vinyl shelf-liner and wrap the black parts with it so it doesn't absorb as much sun, and should better preserve your sound and battery life. May not look the prettiest but it will add a layer of protection and will help reflect some heat from the sun.
Reviewed on July 18, 2023
My PowerAdd MusicFly speaker (sadly, no longer made) finally started having problems, so I looked for a replacement and found this. For the price, this is a really powerful speaker. Solid bass and really loud, but still good clarity. Sounds great in the shower. The power bank feature is also a huge plus. Some minuses, though. First, this is not a completely waterproof speaker like the MusicFly; it is only rated for water jets and splashes. Not a huge problem, as I use it for the shower, but I prefer knowing it can withstand ANY klutziness on my part. Second (and it is partly my fault for not looking closer), the strap is not removable. I assumed it would be removable like it is on my Soundcore Motion Boom Plus, but alas, it is not so. You can sort of fold it around the back when it is sitting down, but it is still awkward. It is also a rather short strap, so it isn't really for putting over your shoulder. Would have gotten the molded handle had I been paying more attention. Finally, the biggest reason for the lost star: The speaker does not control the volume of your phone. If you turn up the volume of the speaker, it does nothing to the input volume on your phone. I found this out while showering: I turned up the volume on the speaker until it beeped for maximum, but the volume wasn't high enough. I went to my phone and the Bluetooth volume was only halfway. I had to turn up the phone all the way up, then turn down the speaker to what I needed. Very inconvenient. As a side note, I would like to refute the comparison made between this speaker and the SoundCore Motion Boom Plus. I did DB comparisons between the two and the Boom Plus is about 2-3 dB louder, plus the bass was stronger. Bear in mind, though, that the Boom Plus is larger and much more expensive. It is worth it for the bigger battery, waterproofing and sound, but for the price, the W-King is a good value.
Reviewed on July 19, 2023
Idk about when you're shopping for things, but when I do ,I fall deep down the rabbit hole. I searched up and down for days before buying this one. This speaker seems to come out the best in every category compared to everything else I was looking at. This is currently hooked up to our projector, but hard wired with an audio cable that's plugged into the jack on the back of this speaker under the flexible plastic piece that covers the audio jack, and the USB-C jack. This gets used for trips to the beach, gym, and pool also. It sounds pretty good for it's size, and there is a button where you can adjust the sound to 3 settings one with more treble, one with a bit more bass. the 3rd is great for watching movies, because it actually rumbles the floor a bit. I had also hooked this up to my Pioneer DJ controller, but I wasn't really impressed with the sound there. My studio moniters blow this little box away, but they are meant for totally different things. This little box is great, and I caught it during one of the prime events, so I got a good deal on it. Oh the shoulder strap is pretty dope too, when you're already carrying other stuff it makes bringing it a breeze.