NOTABRICK Bluetooth Speakers, Portable Speakers Bluetooth Wireless(100FT Range) with 30W Loud Stereo Sound, IPX7 Waterproof Shower Speakers, RGB Multi-Colors Rhythm Lights, 1000mins Playtime

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    Product Attributes:

    Attribute NameAttribute Value
    Product Dimensions0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
    Item Weight1.31 pounds
    Item model numberVi
    Batteries2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
    Date First AvailableMay 24, 2022
    Country of OriginChina
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    Rating5 stars

    Ratings & Reviews

    Reviewed on September 23, 2022
    What a surprising little find this has been! We were not really in the market for a new shower speaker at all, as we had one that works fine. But, at the low price it had gone to on a flash sale, and the lighting effects, I decided "why not?" And am SO glad I did! This speaker went well above any expectations I had, so much so that it is now our go to BT shower speaker! Here are my high points: - Manual: what a delight to have a FULL printed (and easy to follow!) manual nowadays! - Sound quality: I am unsure of why any of the negative sound reviews state that the quality of sound from this speaker is not very good, but man, for the price and expectations I was surprised. The music sounds smooth on the highs and deep on the bass. - Product quality: This is a very well-made, sturdy product that, when taken care of properly, is going to last a very long time. All of the buttons are in a good spot on the device and are easy to distinguish and use. The hanging strap strap was also a surprise, as it isn't a cheap fiber line or elastic, but (what seems to be) actual leather (and if it's "faux leather" then that's fine - it's still super strong). - Lights/light options: So I figured " little lights. That could get my daughter into the shower easier!" Lol While that did hold true, the lights are super cool, and the different light options are neat as well! This came as a "bonus" to me, since you can choose (for an example) and option where the lights "move" in circles to the music beat, and change colors! - In the shower: The sound does not lose its sharpness when taking a shower and getting wet. Other BT shower speakers tend to sound somewhat "muffled" after getting wet - but not this one. There are only two things I would consider "negative" regarding this product: (1) a power indicator or a "low power" warning giving you a "____ hours left" warning would be nice. (2) Inside and especially in the shower, this speaker is awesome sounding; and I'm sure that it's having to do with not just the speaker but the room size and acoustics. I tried using this product once outside and the sound quality was still good, but it could really be louder so you're able to hear it from a short distance and/or during a slightly noisy gathering. But that's all I have for negatives! Get this - you will be happy you did! (And yes, I realize the pictures are not the best, and don't give this product justice, but my video wasn't working).
    Reviewed on June 23, 2023
    This speaker has become my go-to while at work and it sounds great!
    Reviewed on April 10, 2023
    When my daughter moved to Chicago she took my previous Bluetooth speaker with her. I didn’t realize how much I would miss it (and my daughter)! I think my son seriously missed the speaker more than his sister! After a couple of months of her promising to bring it back, I told her to keep it. I will just get a new one! Well, lucky for us I did! The new speaker looks better. Sounds better. Connects better. And, it did t cost a ton. Now my son can blast away to music I don’t particularly care for while he gets ready for school in the morning, when he showers after a game or practice, or just when using the restroom! He loves the speaker. And honestly misses his sister - he just won’t admit it.
    Reviewed on December 31, 2022
    I enjoy this portable bluetooth speaker quite a bit. I mainly use it when I shower ( everyday lol ). I believe if I am not mistaken the speaker will connect to the previous connected device. Which I have 3 phones and only two of them that I connect to the actual speaker via bluetooth. I will have to test this because I never have both phones in the bathroom when I am in there.. but you can easily disconnect the device that was last connect if the bluetooth of the previous device is still on by pressing and holding the play button for what I wanna say is minimum 5 secs but overall I enjoy having this because I took forever getting a device like this and when I found it. It didn't take me long to purchase. one thing I do wanna mention that I don't particularly care for using is if your phone is connected to the speaker and you try to speak to whomever is on the phone. They will mention it is very difficult to hear you ever if you are a foot away from the speaker yelling into like you've gone mad.
    Reviewed on October 26, 2022
    I like the weight of the product, it's not like carrying a baby on your hip. Built solidly, haven't tested it in any kind of moist environment yet so I don't have anything to say on that. So it's fairly portable, I mean I don't carry a purse so I can't stick it in there, however it's not overly large so I usually just toss it on my seat in my car. I did expect a little more Bass than it provides but, if you have a phone that can modify sound with an equalizer or you can download an app to do so, it can bring different results from the sound. No reason not to recommend and I got mine pretty cheap since I found it on sale like 33% off. Have a pleasant day.
    Reviewed on November 08, 2022
    Speaker was amazingly clear. No distortions when volume is very high. It’s loud enough to be heard across the other side of the house. A couple of things to point out: The 100-foot range is questionable when in the house if you have obstructions around like the walls or going to a different floor, but the wireless range is accurate if you’re in an open space like in an open field or at the beach. There are no instructions on how to attach the strap hanger to the speaker. I thought it was a snap on, but it’s a twist off. I almost damaged the strap but realized it shouldn’t be this hard to take apart. You would need a screwdriver to twist the screw off. You would also need a small hex key to release the cap on the speaker for the strap to go through; you can’t just push it through.
    Reviewed on January 11, 2023
    This Product is inexpensive but built with quality. It is plenty loud and sounds great, crisp and clear! I had this on my e-bike and I didn't secure it very well, I hit a bump and it came flying off my ebike at 30 mph. It must have done about 28 somersaults and I thought great another pile of trash, surely its broken. Boy, was I wrong. This speaker hardly had a scratch on it, all the lights still worked, and the sound was still perfect. The lights are an added plus and have some really cool effects. Give it a try!