BOGASING Bluetooth Speakers, M5 Portable Wireless Speaker with 40W Loud Stereo Sound & Punchy Bass, 30H Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof, Bluetooth 5.3, EQ, TWS, TF-Card, AUX, USB, for Outdoor Home Shower

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  • 【40W All-Around Sound】M5 wireless bluetooth speaker is equipped with dual high-sensitivity drivers and dual passive radiators, pumping high-definition sound from all directions, bringing you an amazing 360° surround sound field, immersive Sound allows you have a deeper connection to your music. Simultaneously output BOGASING enhanced bass, get lost in the thundering bass, detailed mids, and crystal-clear highs.
  • 【Three Audio Sounds】Benefit from three sound effect modes of exclusive custom by BOGASING, which help you feel 3D Stereo, clear and undistorted vocals or powerful deep bass. Portable bluetooth equalizer speakers meet your listening preferences and provide you with more listening pleasure! !
  • 【Fully Waterproof】The rated of IPX7 waterproof protection defends bluetooth speaker wireless against all kinds of dust, snow, downpours and spills, which is perfect for showering, hiking and camping. The rugged portable bluetooth speakers is ready for anything in everywhere.
  • 【Non-Stop Battery Life】BOGASING bluetooth speakers synergizes enhanced battery and latest power management technology for up to 30 hours of sublime audio. With its compact size and soft touch, it is easy to hold in your hand and take it with you wherever you go for a whole day.
  • 【Top Bluetooth 5.3 Version】The outdoor speaker adopts advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which provides a faster and more stable bluetooth connection within a normal range of 60 feet. The wide compatibility allows you to connect your smartphone, computer, TV and PC in seconds. It also supports TF card, USB flash drive and AUX input.
  • 【True Wireless Stereo Pairing】For huge stereo sound and double the volume, pair two M5 Bluetooth speakers. TWS technology provides independent left and right sound channels, allowing you to truly enjoy the surround sound of the theater.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 21, 2023
I tested this M5 model against the Tribit Maxsound Plus, twin 20 watt (total 40 watts) paired cannister style speakers, and a third 24 watt well rated speaker. No contest! The Bogasing M5 was the clear (and I do mean CLEAR ) winner. This little speaker is loud enough for any room, and the bass tones are crisp and clean all the way up to max volume! And that's without using the bass boost!!! This speaker took a victory lap, then competed against a 60 watt, quad speaker - a Miatone boom box (called an XBOX). It came in second in volume and bass (no surprise), but actually beat the Miatone behemoth in clarity, richness and tonal separation, battery life, portability, toughness (water, dust, shock protection) and connectivity options. The M5 plays via Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux in cable, Micro SD card (TF card), and USB in (flashdrive, cable, etc.)! It's fair to say I've just purchased my new favorite speaker! I think this very compact unit is UNDER PRICED and can easily compete in the $80 - $120 category. An amazing sound for an even more amazing price! Added July 27, 2023: One thing I noticed in many of the other reviews on YouTube (and other places), is there seems to be some confusion as to how to achieve stereo separation with the drivers located "front and back." To automatically get the correct left and right channel separation, simply turn the short end (without the accessory door) towards the listener! This puts the left and right channels in correct alignment. Or, one can simply stand the speaker up on that same short end and the drivers will be pumping out excellent stereo to the left and right of the listener. It's not a problem at all, but in fact, it's a DESIGN FEATURE that allows the user to change the amount of separation sound by simply adjusting the placement of the M5!! This is impossIble to achieve on any other single unit. Way to go Bogasing! Rob
Reviewed on July 19, 2023
I have had tried a few lower end (under $50) Bluetooth speakers and this one is by far the best. It is a small speaker so please do not be expecting big thumps and I find it hilarious when reviewers of these small speakers complain about the lack of base. The overall sound is very nice with three built-in equalizer settings (3D, voice, and bass). The 3D is very nice. Note that the speakers point in opposite directions. I find this to be an excellent and unique feature, especially in a speaker in this price range. It simply outclasses the similar speakers I have tried. For example, I am returning an OontZ Angle 3 Ultra that Inourxhased the same time as this speaker. The M5 sounds much better and even has better “bass.” Another similar speaker I had was the Tribit XSound. This speaker is multiple times better and far outpaces that one, although it is also a little more expensive. This is great little speaker and I am sure it will sound even better once the speakers break-in.
Reviewed on July 23, 2023
I bought this for my son to have in his car. I paid for the best one I could pay for without worrying it would cause someone to break in, so I was surprised to find that this speaker was at least as good, or better, than the higher end speakers I have already bought. The sound is good, the battery lasts a long time. Overall I think this is the best portable Bluetooth speaker I have bought.
Reviewed on July 28, 2023
Small footprint, but feels heavy. Soft silicone exterior, feels a bit grippy & not slippery. Connects with Bluetooth easily to my i14pro. Fills my small apartment with sound. Great for podcasts and seems great for music, however I’ll admit I’m not an audio snob and your results may vary. Yes I can hear the base, but it’s nothing like those big base speakers on fancy stereo setups.
Reviewed on June 26, 2023
Better than the big speakers I tried. This little box has it all. It is not as big as the boom box versions or options out there which is a plus because it’s smaller to carry or handle and for me it’s putting out better sound than the bigger handled styles I tried and sent back. I love it. Clean low key amp speaker type logo design. USBC charge port which is more reliable than the standard android plug in.. takes data cards or USB or aux in or Bluetooth.. IP7 and it has three sound Eq modes and more .. So glad I bought this one
Reviewed on July 30, 2023
Not near as much Bass as the M4. But much more compact, and the battery life lasted me like four 10hr work days at 30%Mornings,50%After Lunch, 100% after 5 about each day. Also seems very much water resistant and durable.
Reviewed on July 20, 2023
A pesar de ser un altavoz económico entrega un sonido fantástico, con graves contundentes y agudos decentes, solo algo de carencia de medios, yo utilizo en mi móvil un ecualizador especializado con lo que le exprimo bastante el sonido, lo importante es que responde muy bien a esos cambios de frecuencia.
Reviewed on July 11, 2023
Normally skip reviews except for 5 star ratings. I was blown away by the accuracy (highs & lows) & room filling volume of the Bogasing stereo speaker. As an owner of 5 figure HiFi equipment, and of JBL, SONY & Ttibit mono B-T devices costing upto 1.5X the price of this item, this is THE best.