Donerton Bluetooth Shower Speaker, IPX-7 Waterproof Wireless Speakers HD Sound Stereo, Portable Speaker, LED Light Mini Speakers with Suction Cup, Radio, Pairing Mode, Built-in Mic, Handsfree, Blue

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  • true 360°stereo sound and amazing bass sound: wireless speakers use digital audio processor pumps up the bass and enhances the clarity of the mids and highs, delivers distortion free stereo sound even at high volume. with 5w driver and passive radiators, Donerton bluetooth speaker delivers surprisingly loud clear stereo sound even.
  • ipx-7 waterproof: the wireless speakers is resistant to splash, rain, gentle spray, therefore is applicable in shower room, by the pool or beach, and even in the rain. however, in order to extend the use life of the waterproof wireless speaker, please don't put directly it in water. this waterproof speaker is also a shower speaker!
  • pairing mode: easily pairing function, it will show you unprecedented music feeling. you can purchase two T7 mini speakers at the same time to enjoy the surround sound of a movie theater. every time the two wireless bluetooth speakers are turned on, they will be connected automatically by themselves before they connect to any other bluetooth devices.
  • wirless connection: our design with bluetooth 5.0 provides fast connection and incredible wireless bluetooth range, and efficient connection to bluetooth cell phone or devices. portable speaker bluetooth also have memory function, can also remembers your last device, allowing you to reconnect effortlessly.
  • multi funtion: the wireless speakers has five light modes, gradient lights would truly bring you party atmosphere. come with a suction cup, easy to attach in bathroom tiles and mirrors. great also as a mini speakers in the car as it suctions to your car windscreen. built in mic for handsfree calls from phone. compact, handheld size.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Package Dimensions3.82 x 3.78 x 3.46 inches
Item Weight9.1 ounces
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberT7
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableAugust 19, 2020
AvailabilitySold Out
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 22, 2020
This Bluetooth speaker is plenty loud with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in the shower. I keep the phone in one of the rooms nearby, and it hasn't had any hiccups using it like this. I only briefly experimented with the FM radio mode, but the instructions are very minimal, I haven't listened to FM in several years and not at all where I live now, so I have no idea what stations I could expect, so I gave up on the radio mode before giving it a full try. So far I've only tried the speaker three days in a row playing through parts of "The Witcher (Music from the Netflix Original Series) by Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli", and it sounds great. The suction cup on the back works great. I wet it before I stick it in the shower. If I temporarily put it on any other smooth, flat surface, I make sure the suction cup hangs over the edge slightly because the one time I didn't, it stuck too well and was hard to remove. Where I place it in the shower, I can just slide the whole thing up to the edge of the shower surround to remove it easily. It does seem to remember what volume you last had it set to, although it has no control over your phone's master Bluetooth media volume level, and some phones automatically reduce that volume each time you connect via Bluetooth, but that's not this Bluetooth speaker's fault. The first three days, I hadn't detected any obvious distortion with everything cranked up to max, at least for using while showering purposes. The fourth day, I heard some distortion on one particular track of the aforementioned soundtrack. The waterproofing has been very effective so far. The attached plug that protects the charging port seems quite robust for protecting it, although I'm a little afraid that I might accidentally tear it off at it's "hinge" sometime, but that fear might not be very warranted. I don't have usable finger nails so the plug was a challenge to pull out in order to charge, hence my fear that I might try too hard sometime and tear it off. I'm disappointed about a few things. The bigger disappointments are: 1. The price seems a bit steep. I haven't researched a ton what similar products cost and my experience with Bluetooth speakers is still minimal, so that's just my gut reaction. 2. When you turn it on or plug it in to charge, the light comes on no matter how you had it set the last time you used it - it doesn't remember how you had the light set on your previous use. If within view, I find the light distracting and annoying. When the light comes on while charging, I have to press the "TWS" button (the instructions don't say what that stands for) many times to cycle through the light modes until the light turns off. When you merely turn the speaker on to use, it only takes two presses of the "TWS" button to turn the light off. I would rather have a minimal LED indicating when it's charging, and when it's full. I have no idea if the lights in any mode indicate a battery full or battery low. See #3 below. 3. Also regarding charging, the instructions say to charge it for five hours before the first use. I didn't follow that strictly, however I noticed that my phone that I have paired with it indicates the alleged battery level of the speaker when it's on. I say alleged because what it's reported so far has been inconsistent. The 1st time I turned it on, it was 90%. The 2nd time it was 80%. After charging it an hour it said 90%, then after another hour it said 80%. All of this was before I actively used it for more than a minute's test, and I turned it off between each battery check while it was charging. After each of the four days of use, it said 80%. As I use it and have more to report about the battery %, I'll edit my review. The smaller disappointments are: A. It uses Micro-USB instead of USB-C. Especially at this price point, I feel it should have the more dependable USB-C instead. It's a relatively small thing, but USB-C is at least four and a half years old now, more and more variety of devices use it - Android, wireless ear pods, even Macs and the one end of new iPhone chargers, and I can't wait for Micro-USB to go away completely. At least it does come with a USB-A -> Micro-USB cable, and it's longer than the ones that come with some accessories. I try to remember to check if a device uses USB-C or Micro-USB, but I forget sometimes. B. I find it annoying that a voice announces when you turn it on, it's in Bluetooth mode, and that it's connected. This is in common with the only other Bluetooth speakers I have, which are much smaller, not waterproof, and were free to me from a company I bought furniture from. I'm not sure if any other way (lights) would be better, and it's just a slight annoyance. I think the cat's scared of it, too. :) VERY small point: 1a. Even though the charging port is so well protected from moisture with the built-in cap for it, I tend to want to rotate the speaker so that the port is at the very bottom. Rotated like this, the power button is to the left of the very top. I think it just barely bothers the OCD in me.
Reviewed on July 15, 2023
Love the product however it kept falling down even after I followed the directions for putting it in the shower. And then one of the buttons got messed up and I could not use it.
Reviewed on July 13, 2023
i have been using this speaker for about a year. it still works great and sticks to the shower wall well as long as you get the suction cup wet with warm water. it is very loud and good quality for the price. i have thoroughly enjoyed this speaker
Reviewed on June 17, 2023
The speaker is fine but the front part was off and we have to try to glue it back on somehow and hope its still waterproof
Reviewed on June 02, 2023
Just add it to cart, seriously you’ll love it. The sounds is soo clear, and the light show is a major plus.
Reviewed on July 19, 2023
But in the shower, hey watever...i prefer more base
Reviewed on January 07, 2021
I think this is a great product for the price. A few things could be better (listed next), but none of them would have made me buy a more expensive similar item, so I still thing its a good purchase. First, the sound quality is much better for podcasts versus music (it sounds a bit like it’s in a tin can for music), but I bought it for mostly podcast listening, so that doesn’t bother me. However, there is a split second blip periodically when listening to podcasts; it’s so quick that I can usually not miss anything, so not a dealbreaker, but unfortunate. Another downside was that when I stuck it to my shower, it slide down and the middle piece broke off. I can probably glue it back on pretty easily and it doesn’t affect functionality, so not a huge deal; it’s more just annoying. I also wish that when you turn it on it had the lights on the calm setting instead of the fast setting because I never want it on that setting due to its intensity. If it would at least remember the last setting you had, that would be slightly more helpful, and instead I have to switch it to the other setting every time I turn it on. As were plus sides, it works pretty well for the purpose for which I purchased it and is easy to use. The price is great for this type of thing, and it is very portable, so I can use it when I travel. The charge also seems to last a pretty decent length of time.
Reviewed on May 13, 2023
Sounds good and so cute everyone that sees this speaker like it sounds good in and out of the shower love how it lights up too. So happy I got good taste