Gravastar Bluetooth Speakers Mars Pro Incarnation Version, 15H Playtime, Stereo Sound Portable Wireless Speaker with Cool Design

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  • [Incredible Stereo Sound & Powerful Deep Bass Speakers ] The volume of mars pro is tuned by the international acoustic master Gates, even at low volume, it can stably output high-definition deep bass Built-in 2 subwoofers and 2 tweeters, loud and undistorted treble, and deep and delicate bass, the loud speaker like being in front of the artist, next to them in the studio or on stage. bringing you closer to the music. You have to hear it to believe it.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Package Dimensions10.63 x 8.39 x 8.11 inches
Item Weight4.44 pounds
Batteries4 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Date First AvailableSeptember 1, 2021
Country of OriginChina
AvailabilitySold Out
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on May 29, 2023
Is solid , strong and it works
Reviewed on April 14, 2023
If you're a lover of sci-fi you'll probably like this speaker's unique look, and the sound quality is pretty good for it's size.
Reviewed on April 08, 2022
This is an absolutely wonderful speaker. The build quality is really fantastic and quite frankly I was surprised. It feels really heavy and premium. Not sure I would want to travel around with it everywhere but it looks amazing with the wireless charger on my desk. I plan on getting a second one and setting them up on either side of my desk so they look like sentinels guarding my computer. Really happy with it and I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
Reviewed on February 23, 2022
The design is impressive, it feels well built, sound is really good for a portable bluetooth speaker, pretty much depends on source material, Riot music plays fantastic, volume can go interestingly high for a speaker this size. The sci-fi look is priceless. All those pieces that are extra in regard of average mars speakers have to be mounted, and is kind of tricky, specially for those handle bars on top, but there is a 17:45 minutes youtube video from a very nice guy that explains the hole process.
Reviewed on November 24, 2021
I received a used unit that has signs of a previous owner. The box being retaped was the first sign, but I noticed the previous owner voided the product by ripping the warrenty sticker before returning it. I'm also worried about the battery life now not knowing how the previous owner took care of it before opening it up. The build and sound quality are quite good, but the fact I paid full price for a used product that has a voided warrenty lowers the rating.
Reviewed on May 28, 2022
So hands down I really love the style of these speakers that’s no doubt!! They are made of high quality materials! And for sound they are very good and are very bass heavy!! There’s really one thing there missing, and it’s a huge thing. And these things could be an app. It it would really make these the perfect little speakers for the price.
Reviewed on February 05, 2022
Good sound quality, battery lasts well. Would be a 5 star review if the screws on the top were a bit more durable.
Reviewed on January 02, 2023
It might make a good paper weight! Thus thing looks amazing and we really wanted it to be that but it just wasn't! The sound is just awful. I'm no audiophile I own many Bluetooth speakers from low price to high. This speakers is overpriced and even cheap speakers sound better! It's cosmetic quality is the only reason it gets a star.