JBL Flip 6 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker, powerful sound and deep bass, IPX7 waterproof, 12 hours of playtime, JBL PartyBoost for multiple speaker pairing for home, outdoor and travel (Black)

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  • Eco-friendly packaging JBL is committed to a more sustainable, earth-friendly packaging. The Flip 6 is packaged in a recyclable paper-based box, including the inner tray. The plastic hangtag is over 90% recycled and the exterior is printed with soy ink.Waterproof : Yes
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof To the pool. To the park. JBL Flip 6 is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, so you can bring your speaker anywhere.
  • 12 Hours of Playtime Don’t sweat the small stuff like charging your battery. JBL Flip 6 gives you up to 12 hours of playtime on a single charge.
  • Bold design Bold audio meets bold design. Big-sounding yet easy to carry, the design fits any personal style. Stand it vertical or horizontal and choose from a variety of vibrant colors
  • Crank up the fun with PartyBoost PartyBoost allows you to pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound or link multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers to truly pump up your party

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions7 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches
Item Weight1.21 pounds
Item model numberJBLFLIP6BLKAM
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableDecember 6, 2021
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 21, 2023
I tried one at a customers house when I was installing lights on their patio. I was impressed with the build and sound quality. So I ordered one immediately. After using it at home for the last few weeks I am thoroughly satisfied. Fantastic sound quality. Phat bass, crisp and clear mids and highs. Even at higher volume. I haven't felt compelled to turn it up all the way. It is MORE than loud enough at half or 3/4 volume. Even outside or further away from the speaker than normal. Buttons feel beefy(along with the rest of the speaker.) I don't see anything on here that would be a weak point. Aside from getting irresponsible/careless about the drivers on the sides of the speaker. A good hard poke could mess them up, but they do feel pretty durable. I have had an altec Lansing lifejacket 3 for what has to have been 6 or 7 years and it still worked great. But this flip now serves as my home/travel speaker, and the lifejacket is my work/kick around speaker. Highly recommend this product!!!
Reviewed on June 04, 2023
Good overall speaker. Easy to tote around. The lanyard makes it convenient to hang from something to keep it off any suspect surfaces. Love the camouflage with orange accents. It has great sound quality and bass. I have not jacked up the volume on this all the way, mostly for respect of my neighbors, but I can assure that with what I've heard so far, this will get plenty loud. I have also not tested its "waterproof" ability. Those claims always make me a little nervous 😬. Ok, some negatives: Battery life seems good. It lasts me awhile before charging. I have not played it for hours on end so not sure if the battery lasts the full 12 hours as stated by the company. I don't like the battery indicator. It only shows as a line near the power button when you turn it on and off. Otherwise, during play, it's off and you have no idea how much battery life is left until it gets near the end and then the battery indicator will turn red. Also, occasionally I have had a "crackling" sound come through the speaker while playing music or streaming a workout. It has only happened a few times so I'm not sure if it's a pairing issue. I would think if it was a wiring or software problem it would happen more frequently. Really, for the most part it has been fine but when the crackling happens it is SUPER annoying and I basically have to shut down whatever I'm playing at the time. Overall, I'm happy with it and enjoy using it. I like the look and the sound quality. The few knocks on it that I mentioned bring my rating to 4 stars.
Reviewed on May 09, 2023
The Flip 6 really surprised me. I seriously did not expect such 'big' sound from such a small, portable speaker. For its size, the bass is pretty amazing. Its not boomy at all like cheap 'bass-boosted' speakers, however, its not extremely tight like a studio monitor either. But for what it is it sounds pretty amazing. The mids do seem just a little scooped (just a little) but very clear. The highs are crisp, up front, and not fatiguing. The overall sound really is almost perfect. Is it flat? Oh, definitely not, but you're not buying this for mixing or critical listening. After a lot of testing I did use the app to bump the low and high EQ up one notch. For low to medium volumes this improves an already great sound a little more. I did not boost the mids even though they sound a little scooped as the jump from center to one notch sounds a little much to me. I have not tested this at very high volumes much as its not applicable to how I use it (I don't like really loud noise or music). Battery life, of course, is not 12 hours. I have been getting 7-8 hours at half volume or less. I did a couple of tests at 50% volume playing a mix of podcasts and music and got 6 hours when playing mostly music and about 8 hours when playing mostly podcasts. Good enough for me - I use it a total of about 2 hours a day, so this still gives me several days in between charges. Bluetooth range is excellent as are most bluetooth products made withing the last 5 years. Line if sight is at least 50 feet - I didn't test beyond that as I don't need it. Wall penetration is outstanding. I was outside on my upstairs porch using it while my phone was inside downstairs (both near a south facing wall) about 20 feet apart in a straight line though 1 floor, 1 interior wall, and 1 exterior wall. No skips, stutters or disconnects. Forgot to mention all my testing and use has been with an iPhone SE 3rd Gen. I don't really use any other bt devices. If this breaks after at least a year, I will certainly buy a new one. I've used this for at least a couple of hours every day since I received it.
Reviewed on July 08, 2023
Using the JBL app - the 3 band EQ really brings out the character of any music. We have quite a bit of Sonos equipment throughout the house including dual sub-woofers etc. For the kitchen I don’t want something that wouldn’t be expensive, exposed to kitchen elements. My wife and I were startled at how good it sounded. We also have the larger Extreme speakers on the patio, but the smaller speaker sounds better due to the EQ. Unfortunately the Gen 1 extremes don’t work with the JBL app. We use Apple products and they don’t have an overall EQ for some mind boggling reason. Cost to sound ratio: these are a win win.
Reviewed on July 22, 2023
Sound quality is amazing. Selected Flip 6 for its additional tweeter and very happy with my decision. Flip 6 looks a bit smaller than my last premium brand speaker but delivers much more sound with plenty bass and crisp highs. At times I'm tricked into thinking my big wired speakers are on. Flip 6 arrived with no battery charge but that was easily solved. So good. Will impress friends. The dark green color perfectly matches the trim on my back portch. Looks rich sitting on the table there.