Oraolo Loud Bluetooth Speaker Upgrade 40W Wireless Portable Large Speaker Stereo Sound, IPX6 Waterproof, Support USB/AUX Input, Built-in Mic for Home Party Outdoor

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  • 【 40W ASTONISHING SOUND 】 Oraolo Louder Bluetooth speaker is designed with a 40W dual speakers configuration with loud stereo sound output devices that can play perfectly without distortion even at maximum volume. The latest stereo driver can ensure more accurate bass and midrange. The shocking sound quality makes this Oraolo Louder Bluetooth speaker ideal for indoor use and outdoor travel.
  • 【 24 HOURS LONG PALY 】 Provides a continuous playback over 24 hours. No need to stop the enthusiasm by charging the speaker in the middle of gathering. As long the party goes on, this speaker keeps singing. When the crowd dismisses, charge this 40W loud speaker fully within 3 hours.
  • 【 IPX6 STRUCTURE WATERPROOF 】 Oraolo Louder portable speakers provide strong waterproof protection. Durable silicone case and port cover gives the speaker better internal protection, allowing usage in a variety of different environments.
  • 【 FALL PREVENTION 】 Oraolo Louder Wireless speaker uses the premium ABS material to protect itself from impact, thus ensuring that it won't be damaged when dropped from a 3 feet hight (Tested in the lab). The metal grill can protect the speaker easily and ensure the sound quality playback is not damaged. Ideal for travel, camping, and outdoor adventures.
  • 【 EFFORTLESS CONNECTION 】 Using Bluetooth 5.3 technology and the latest bluetooth ATS chip, this Oraolo Louder Speaker connects over bluetooth in seconds to iPhone, iPad, Smart-phones, Tablets, Windows, and other Bluetooth enabled devices. It can ensure the most perfect sound quality transmission in a barrier-free environment, guarantee no distortion and no delay in playback.
  • 【 PACKAGE AND SERVICE 】What you will get - Oraolo Louder Bluetooth speaker, USB-C charging cable, AUX-in audio cable and a user manual. Our lifetime customer service makes your purchase absolutely risk-free. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide quality service within 24 hours.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions4.72 x 7.87 x 4.72 inches
Item Weight3.08 pounds
Item model numberOraolo Louder
Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableAugust 10, 2022
AvailabilitySold Out
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 29, 2023
The charging port has too much side to side movement. If you have this plugged in and accidently pull the cord or somebody hits the cord by accident..... there is too much side movement and it will wreck the port if this happens a couple times like it did to us. I am a machinist and the fit of the power adapter should be a slip fit. This is a WIDE OPEN fit that you can bend the port. There should be NO air between the plug and the plastic at the charging port area. Failed engineering design. 2 people at my place of work had the same issue. We told another person about it and their speaker is running strong. It is a great speaker and sounds awesome. But they need to fix that. The charging port are while plugged in is a massive delicate area. Charge it away from any human activity . You cant fix it yourself there is no way to open the speaker without destroying the outer casing. Serious this is unopenable without cutting through the plastic.
Reviewed on August 02, 2023
I got the speaker and played if a few hours with the usb plugged in. Next day, paired it again and about 10 seconds later powers down due to low battery. Checked the port , no charging led on. Switch cables and power outlet with one that works for my Samsung pad, no light but let it “charge” for a few hours. Still shuts down within a few seconds. Contacted the vendor through Amazon, after a few days with no response, went through the Amazon return process and got a refund. Another reviewer had a usb issue too. System sounds good but not getting another one. Decided to get the JBL one for a few dollars more and more dependable Bluetooth 5.2. Giving it a 3 because it sounded good. Vendor gets a 1 for not replying to my question. Since Amazon refunded me with no issue, you could take a chance if you don’t want to spend a greater amount.
Reviewed on July 17, 2023
I got this after my truck radio went out so I had music until I could get it fixed. Was impressed with the sound quality
Reviewed on July 08, 2023
Just got this today I’m unboxed it, turn it on, came on immediately paired flawlessly with my iPhone sound quality is amazing, so happy I literally feel the music , that got me anything right away, can’t recommend enough!!!!
Reviewed on July 26, 2023
Great speaker for the price. Decently loud
Reviewed on July 18, 2023
I bought this 4 years ago in 2019 and still going strong! It has GREAT sound and bass.
Reviewed on November 06, 2019
I wanted a better bluetooth speaker to use around the house and outside. I wanted something loud enough to fill my two car garage, while still sounding good. This meets all those requirements. It is pretty lightweight for its size. Construction is all plastic with a metal mesh grill and a rubber handle. The handle on top kind of tucks down so it will lie almost flat, then will pull out to provide more slack to pick up the speaker. The whole left side is home to the four button controls that is covered by silicone rubber. The back has a silicone cover which hides three I/O ports: 3.5 mm stereo jack for aux input, micro-USB for power to charge, and a TF (micro-SD) card slot for music storage. I would have liked to see a 3.5 mm stereo output to provide the capability of hooking up another speaker. The rubber cover seals extremely well - almost too well. It is hard to get open when closed up. The bottom has silicone rubber anti-skid feet, which work well. Operation is pretty straight forward. The controls on the left side are M for mode, volume up/next track, play-pause/power, and volume down/previous track. Powering on requires a long press on the power button. Pairing bluetooth requires a long press on the M (mode) button. When pairing, the unit does not sound a tone when it becomes visible to bluetooth devices, which was unexpected. If there is a TF card installed, the unit will automatically continue playing music from the TF card. It does remember where it was playing when it was last shut off. To switch to bluetooth, press the M (mode) button. I do not know what music formats are playable from the TF card. The documentation does not say what files types are supported. I have only tested mp3s, which play perfectly. Sound quality is decent for a bluetooth speaker. This is not a bass machine. It completely lacks sub-bass, and has a little bass just higher than the sub-bass register. What it does have is mid-bass, and quite a bit of it, especially on the low end of the mid-bass range. Frequencies higher than the lower end are fuller and sound really good. Vocals are extremely clear, and highs are great. Mid-base through the vocal range is where this speaker shines. It throws these frequencies far, and fills a room quite well. Volume is outstanding. It will fill a large area. I have access to a 35' by 40' workshop and it fills this area effortlessly. Overall the sound performance is good, and quite enjoyable. It's not a party thumper, and it won't rock the block, but it works great for provide music while doing chores or working out in your home. Bluetooth works well. Pairing was trickier than I was expecting because it did not sound a tone when it started broadcasting for pairing. I had to constantly refresh and monitor my phone to pair the speaker. After it was paired, it worked as it should. I haven't tested its range, but I'm guessing this is not a long range device. I have not tested battery performance. I have not drained the battery. One thing to note is the instructions that came with the speaker say to not charge the speaker with it turned on. The instructions say this is to "avoid making the speaker work abnormal". I guess this means that charging while playing music is not recommended. I have not tested the aux input function, but I assume it should work as expected. In summery, this is a great speaker, and a wonderful value. I am very satisfied with this purchase.
Reviewed on July 08, 2023
This battery lasts forever. This has a good sound to it. I got it for outside by the pool. It’s big but sturdy.