PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, Wireless Stereo Foldable Headphones Wireless and Wired Headsets with Built-in Mic, Micro SD/TF, FM for iPhone/Samsung/iPad/PC (Black/Red)

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  • AMAZING SOUND QUALITY: High Definition Stereo Headphones, specially developed software and noise reduction technology that aims to deliver the music from your iPod on a whole new level! Deep Bass in combination with Dynamic Power Sound, results in Superior Audio Quality, even in the highest volume levels!
  • GREAT COMFORT FOR ALL AGES: The over-ear headphones are foldable and stretchable, so they can fit perfectly almost any size head. PowerLocus are always are ready to impress with elegance and convenience, bringing more joy during the everyday use! PowerLocus is #1 Choice for Travel, Sport and Every day use by Unisex Kids, Teens and Adults.
  • CONNECT QUICKLY via Bluetooth 5.0: We made the bluetooth over ear headphones super easy to use. Just slide the on/off button and the headphones will be in ready to pair mode. The Wireless Headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth or 3.5mm plug cable enabled devices! You can also receive calls and have hands-free communication through the special noise reduction technology microphone. Compatible with all iPhone X, 8 Plus, Samsung S9, S8, iPad, iPod, Huawei, Nexus, Amazon Fire Tablet
  • QUALITY MADE DESIGN: PowerLocus is built from materials which are extremely nice to touch and provides the model premium outlook. The super soft memory-protein foam leather earmuffs and headband will contribute to optimum comfort even if you wear them for long time. Use them everywhere, together with the Protective Premium Case – great way to carry them without having scratches on them for long term.
  • Wireless and Wired FLEXIBLE HEADPHONES: They are rechargable, but After 15 hours of playtime, you can switch to wired mode and enjoy your music NON-STOP. By choosing PowerLocus, You are covered with 24 Months PowerLocus warranty and 100% Customer satisfaction – 24/7 Customer Support.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 27, 2023
I'm very satisfied with my new PowerLocus wireless headphones. I have ordered a black/yellow version. Perfectly plays back music (I use it for listening to Spotify mainly), any streamed videos (YouTube, TV channels, on-line movies). When connected to my android phone, the phone call voice quality is great and the built-in microphone makes me heard just excellently. The headphones fully cover my ears, very comfortable to wear. It makes good enough noise-reduction from the surroundings. Sound quality is enjoyable and OK for this category. The battery gets a full charge in under 2 hours. The Bluetooth connects to my Samsung Galaxy phone and to my laptop without any issues. The only MINOR drawback is that when on the ears, it is not evident which button does what as they are very close to each other, however if one memorizes the order of the buttons, they can be used without any difficulties. I love that it can be folded into its neat little pouch, so it is protected when not in use. It also has a microSD card slot, which I have not tried yet. The FM radio also works just fine. Though you will only have clear sound with the strongest signal FM channels. So all in all, it does worth its price.
Reviewed on July 20, 2023
I wear these everywhere! I'm wearing them now! I charge them at night, but wear them mostly all day thru the evening. Sometimes i forget to charge and they last another day too. They will play while your charging once a bit charged. I've dropped them (im a spazz), their fine and gotten them a bit wet too, they are resilient!!!!! This is a great buy. Oh, the sound too is great. They aren't sound proof, but Srinath sound dampening. This is great as i like to be aways be aware of my surroundings, but don't want all that noise.
Reviewed on May 19, 2023
Love the packaging it came in, the buttons are easy to remember and the headphones along with the case is very high quality. They are a bit stiff when you first get them so be careful about closing them too hard until they loosen up a bit. The only issue I have is that whenever there's nothing playing, you can hear a fant beeping noise until you play a video/song again, and sometimes it takes a moment to play the sounds from your video/song if you haven't played anything for a couple minutes while they're on. Overall great I just wish I knew why there was beeping. Edit: took off a star because the battery life lasts a couple days, but whenever it reaches 40% it makes an obnoxious beeping noise that interrupts your audio over and over every 5 minutes until you plug it in. 40% is not low, that could last me another few hours.
Reviewed on July 28, 2023
Battery life doesn’t have as much longevity as I would like. But gives me about 3-4 hours on a full charge. Sound is great though👍🏻
Reviewed on June 28, 2023
Very surprised that if I wear them for a while they actually start hurting my ears. But they work great not 100% sure if they get the 30 ft range that I think it said it would get but it's not bad at all I can put them on walk around a couple of the rooms in the house so that I'm not trapped to my phone.
Reviewed on August 02, 2023
The sound is surprisingly good. Easy to use controls. Headset is comfortable.
Reviewed on July 15, 2023
I love the build and color but they don't get as loud I would like.
Reviewed on July 12, 2023
The good: I have a smaller head, and these headphones fit well. I even have to size them up a bit which never happens. The ear pads are soft and comfortable. The device is very light, if you like that sort of thing. The less good: Too lightweight for me, to the point of feeling cheap. The ear cups do not make a good seal over my ears. I mainly use headphones on my bus commute, and I had to crank the volume almost to 100% and couldn’t shut out the bus noise. This is to say that these headphones do not even do a good job at passive noise cancellation, let alone active. There is no active noise cancellation at all. The buttons are hard to differentiate when I’m wearing them; they’re very flush with the body of the ear cup and I can’t tell which is which when I’m trying to pause or adjust the volume. If you use these in a relatively quiet place, I don’t think you would have the noise issues I have. However, if you plan to use these in a noisy environment, I would choose another product. I will be returning these, they’re not for me.