Rockville RPG152K Dual 15" Powered Speakers, Bluetooth+Mic+ Stands+Cables

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  • Rockville Power GIG RPG-152K (2) 15" DJ/PA Speakers Package. 1500 Watts Peak / 375 Watts RMS / 750 Watts Program Power. Built In Class "D" Digital and Efficient Amplifier Perfectly Matched For This System.
  • High Power 15" Long-throw Woofer with 2.5" aluminum voice coil for clear sound reproduction and awesome bass response, 25mm Compression Horn Drivers For Clear Highs, Wired Microphone Included- for live music performances or speeches!
  • FM Radio Built-In- tune to your favorite FM radio stations, LCD screen- displays MP3 functions and easy BT connectivity pairing, Compact and light weight system delivers distortion free sound even at extreme SPL.
  • Wireless remote control- Enjoy the added convenience of being able to adjust any of the MP3 player functions, including volume, from the included wireless remote, High-quality components and exceptionally rugged high impact ABS construction.
  • Ergonomically shaped side handle for easy carrying and setup, 2 Rugged Tripod Speaker Stands Included, 2 RCA Lines- 1 IN and 1 OUT, 2 XLR + 1/4" Mic Level Inputs, Master Volume/ Master Treble/ Master Bass Knobs, Impedance: 8 Ohm.

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Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions37.6 x 38.2 x 16.5 inches
Item Weight83 pounds
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberRPG152K
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableAugust 28, 2015
AvailabilitySold Out
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 20, 2016
UPDATE:9/22/16 While I do like the system I have to add that I just realized a couple days ago that these speakers are not what they claim. These ARE NOT stereo speakers or even dual mono and it is NOT a 2 channel amp. Wile I like the speakers I cannot condone utterly lying to sell a product. As good as I thought their products were , saying it has stereo sound and a 2 channel amp is an all out lie. The speaker outputs from the amp are both hooked to the same channel of a single channel amp.True stereo sound is not just 2 speakers playing, its a right and left channel that have differences from one another to give a proper soundstage . An example is where a song starts with a guitar or beat on one side and then something else kicks in on the other side and the singer seems to come from both speakers or the center of the stage. You WILL NOT get that with these speakers. Both speakers will play the same thing no matter what. I think this is About as FALSE ADVERTISING as you can get. Just for this reason I will return them . I want what I paid for. Whether or not they are a good deal is beside the point . They didnt just stretch the truth, they all out lied. I bought these speakers without a lot of confidence after some of the reviews I have been seeing. After receiving them I was pleasantly surprised by what I got for the price. I bought these to use with my backyard movie theater . I have a 9 x 16 foot movie screen and projector system in my backyard but my sound was always weak with the outdoor speakers I had. I didnt expect much from these for the price but I thought it would be an upgrade from the small outdoor speakers I was using. The built in amp would also mean I wouldnt have to unhook my stereo reciever to bring it outside. WOW (And a big grin) when I fired them up the first time is an under statement. It was only about 3:00 pm but I went ahead and set them up by my movie screen and hooked them into my laptop.I picked a song and hit play and nothing. Checked all the volume controls and connections and nothing. I was starting to get frustrated and then I noticed the pushbutton to change from line in to the bluetooth system. I pushed the button and literally fell on my ass when it started kicking out the music. I didnt think about the controls on the speaker and trying to get to the laptop with the loud music bumping was too much for my feet to handle at the same time, so I tripped and busted my butt on the ground.One I got it turned down and dusted off my pride, I realized that It was hardly turned up and what I thought was loud enough to damage speakers was barely turned up at all.I made a few adjustments to the bass and treble and started testing them out. I actually expected them to be loud but I never expected the sound quality. I really dont know how to describe it but it didnt have the fake ,missing something sound you get from a stereo in the living room. The large amount of extra power and the size of the drivers gave the feeling of live music and everything I played sounded like I was listening to a live band or dj. The highs in this system are incredible.Vocals are clear and come thru with authority without being colored by the equipment. Midrange is excellent as well with a good balance after a few adjustments. Now for the bass.To be a 15 inch woofer this thing is tight.This thing puts out midbass that I wouldnt think you could get out of a fifteen. Very quick and punchy.It also seems to me to be very accurate. The drums sound like drums and not just a bass note. I dont think they go quite as low as I would have liked but they are really not designed for sub-bass. Dont get me wrong, I can shake the walls with these things inside and sound great at ear ringing levels and outside for movies the bass is great and powerful. We watched San Andreas last night with a friend who had not seen it and the buildings falling and things blowing up sounded amazing and could be felt inside the house 75 yards away. They also have great bass for music. I have tried classic rock, techno, old school rap and new rap and country and everyone who has heard them was amazed. I personally will be adding a pair of the rockville subs that I can pole mount these on. Do I need to? NO, and everyone tells me I dont need to but I like to have that take your breath away kind of bass at parties and I want that low rumble that you feel but not hear during my movies. I have many compliments from movie night on the sound with them the way they are. If you were to add good 15 or 18 inch subs to this system you could turn the bass down on these and it would allow you so much more power to the mids and highs that It would be unbearable. The mids and highs from these are so clear and amazing now that with the bass backed off I cant get them to distort up to unbelievable levels.With these speakers and a set of subs you could blow away a lot of dj's I have seen with more name brand equipment .It would be way more than you would need for a high school gym/basketball court sized party and they would probably want you to turn it down. As far as the quality,I am pretty happy with everything. My speakers were slightly different from the picture and the video Rockville has on youtube, so I called Amazon and then Rockville to see why. It seems that I have the newer updated version. This must be true because the system I got has none of the problems I have seen in other reviews The microphone that comes with the system is great. It must have been changed from what some other reviews talked about.It actually has a heavy duty ,very solid feel to it. Im not sure but I think it seems to be an aluminum housing and the shield over the mic seems to definately be a metal mesh and not plastic.I can squeeze the mesh pretty hard and it wont push in or dent any. There is good full sound from it and zero feedback noise unless I actually stick it up to the tweeter. The speaker stands are extremely heavy duty looking and are very solid.I dont worry about them falling or tipping over at all.They do have some plastic fittings on them but it really wont be a problem because it is fairly thick and solid. These things look tough and have zero wobble or movement unless you extend them crazy high. The speakers themselves are heavy and solid. They are plastic so I dont know how they would handle a hard drop but I am not too worried as I dont plan to drop them. The plastic seems thick though and it has no flex or movement of any kind so I assume it is braced well internally.The made in handles are rock solid and I dont worry at all about carrying them by one handle suitcase style. The bluetooth works extremely well and so do the usb and sd card input.I tried the remote to change tracks on the thumbdrive and it worked but I really dont think I will ever use the remote or the thumb or sd drives. I do have a couple things I dont like but not enough to take a point off. First ,Rockville, what the hell is up with the mic cable. That thing is like 5 foot long.It works good but you would have to stand right behind the main speaker to use it. So I bought a mic cable 15 foot and all is well. Second , I notice that when the bass hits I can feel air coming out of the unused 1/4 inch line out jack on the back of the powered main speaker.I think if it were sealed a little better it would help bass output but it may be part of their design to help cool the amp. I dont hear any noise or rattles or any air noise and the speakers jam so again, no stars taken away. I think for the price you cant and wont beat what you get from Rockville.I plan on buying and writing a review for their subs as soon as I have the money to get them. I am also planning to buy the wireless mic system from them . It seems that movie nights have turned into karaoke/movie nights now and they start a lot sooner than dark. Rockville has really impressed me and I am a 46 year old responsible(LOL)adult who is an electronics and music freak that grew up with a soldering iron instead of a football. My ride is all Polk audio component speakers with 3 12's in the back and its all about sound quality, not just bass. I know music and electronics and I am happy enough with these that I would recommend them to anyone who needs some loud ,clear sound. One thing I cant say is how long they will last but I promise you all if I have a problem I will update this review.I spend a lot of money on amazon and read a lot of reviews, so I have started writing reviews for everything I buy. Nobody pays me or gives me any discounts(But I wish they would)for anything. If I say it ,I believe it and mean it.I am hoping to have the money for the two Rockville 18 inch subs in a couple weeks and then I will also update this review as to how well they all work together. I will try to check back and answer any questions if anybody has one. And hey Rockville, if you want to donate a couple subs,it would make up for the short mic cable,LOL.
Reviewed on July 20, 2023
The only thing bad about this product is the XLR microphone it comes with. The mic isn't sensitive enough and must be held right against your mouth to pick up a voice clearly otherwise it's in and out. Speakers are fantastic and super magnificent. I got these for my wedding.
Reviewed on July 12, 2022
Overall, for the price, you can't go wrong. Very decent set up. However, the passive speaker has about 60% of the sound quality of the main speaker. As they are exactly the same speaker, this was a bit of a let down. There are no quality highs to the passive speaker, like there is in the main. I was truly expecting them to sound the same since they are the same. But like I said, good deal for the price. Haven't hauled it around yet, so can't speak on durability, but it will definitely come apart easy enough. I'm just using it for karaoke, so time will tell what kind of durability it has when i start moving it from place to place.
Reviewed on April 02, 2023
One can't beat the cost factor and the simplicity of setting it up for any type of venue. Can be used for a home entertainment system too but must look past the static in the background.
Reviewed on September 12, 2018
*Update 2* The stands were shipped separately and came in on a different day. *Update* It looks like the stands are being shipped separately and will arrive on a different day. Will update with results First of all and most importantly, these stands for these speakers do NOT come in the box. The very first step in the instruction manual is to put the speakers onto the stands. The box has a picture of the speakers on stands. The product description says that the speakers come with stands! However they come in a SEPARATE SHIPMENT which for me came 2 days after the first. I contacted the seller and was replied to within a day, confirming that the stands were being shipped separately. As for the speakers themselves, they have decent sound. For best sound results, actually take your time and adjust the settings on the back - turn down the "main" knob pretty low and turn up the "line in" knob pretty high to keep the clarity up without the sound getting too muddy, etc. The bluetooth seems to have a good range and is easy to connect. The EQ settings button is pretty much useless, since there are no discernible sound differences and also the display doesnt show you what eq setting you are on. The microphone, although cheap as others have noted, works well and doesnt give feedback, even right next to the speakers themselves, which is great! Stands seem to be generic and not speaker specific. The stand's mounting rod is slightly too small for the speaker mounting hole, so even when tightened on the speaker is a little wobbly on the stand. The stand itself is not wobbly, but will slowly slide down if not tightened all the way.