Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker Comfortable and Lightweight with Technology to Work from Home, Built-in mic, 20 Hours of Battery Life, and IPX4 Splash-Resistant- Charcoal Gray

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  • Packed with technology to work from home with dedicated mute, volume, and power buttons.Waterproof : Yes
  • Crafted from premium materials to be comfortable and lightweight
  • Excellent sound quality from a full range upward-facing speaker unit
  • Speak and be heard with Precise Voice Pickup Technology
  • Integrated mute button for ease of use during work calls
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life with USB-C quick charging
  • Connect to multiple devices at once with multi-point connection
  • Easily connect to your devices via Bluetooth
  • IPX4 Splash-resistant design

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions7.51 x 1.92 x 7.28 inches
Item Weight3.99 ounces
Item model number
  1. SRSNB10

  2. H
Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerYes
Date First AvailableSeptember 6, 2021
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 29, 2021
So I've only owned this product for 5 days, and I can't say so much right now. Wireless earbuds have been giving me ear infection, so unfortunately this was my only alternative for listening to music in my daily walks. What works: * Feels very natural for work meetings. Good sound quality, good noise cancellation. Clear sound. I don't have to mute manually half the time. * Non-intrusive for listening to music on the go * Good for calling people (I don't have to scream like when I use speakerphone) * Amazing noise cancellation for calls - tested on a windy day calling my parents while walking and taking photos for an hour * Having it on the neck while in meetings or on the go for hours feels fine, doesn't feel awkward * Great to use for online classes too. I've only tried it for recorded classes instead of live classes, so I'd like to hear more too on those * Small update: After a week of use, for picking up calls and listening to streams on my phone, I became annoyed listening directly now and would immediately pick up this neck speaker What doesn't work * Sound quality for music - I'd say you can get a $25 wireless earbuds with a better quality (just like the ENACFIRE I have) * Not very comfortable on the collar - The back is flexible but the part from the speaker to the end (volume and mute button) is rigid, so it's kind of uncomfortable * Not for long-term listening to music - both the sound and the positioning is uncomfortable. I wouldn't want to wear this for hours on the sofa * Sound still leaks quite a bit - Tested with my friend who was 10 feet away and they can still hear some noise. I thought the sound would be more isolated for use in crowded meeting areas. * Worse than stereo? - The way the beamforming sound is that it directs the speaker to the ears. This also means it doesn't even sound like stereo. It sounds more like those speakerphone devices in meeting rooms. So don't expect surround sound or even Dolby/DTS stereo quality. Conclusion: Am I disappointed? Yes. Will I return it? Maybe. Would I recommend it? Yes This certainly isn't your Bose or AudioTechnica. It is what it was advertised for. Meetings, convenience to switch between meetings and own audio (music), and for listening to music on the go. Wireless earbuds isn't an option for me because it's been giving me ear infection, even after I took a break from it for a month, sanitize, and tried it again. It might be my allergy. I was thrilled when this product was finally in stock in Amazon. I won't lie that I was expecting a good sound quality to listen to music all day, but alas, this wasn't it. Plus I usually buy cheap good earbuds/headphones, so I was disappointed for the sound quality for $150. However, if you think of this as work equipment, then it's cheap. I'd take this any day over having to listen through the PC speaker, phone speaker, or headphones for 2-4 hours a day of meetings, and certainly others spend more on meetings. Due to the pandemic season, I've started working remotely, so I also took daily walks to get out of the house. Having this on while walking outside for an hour while carrying a camera was very non-intrusive. Sound isn't as great as earbuds but it works, and by the nature of this neck speaker, you can still listen to ambient sounds or someone calling out to (or screaming at) you, so again, this is what I needed. This what I would say a specialized equipment. It works for what it was designed for. However, you're working to make money, and if this improves your quality of life at work, I'd say go for it. If you're looking for Bose sound quality, skip this and move on. If you're looking for something that can alleviate stress from listening to 2-4 hours online work meetings or classes a day or even more, give this guy a try. *Notes: 1. This white looks like the kind that might discolor or easily stained. Not knowing the paint quality, I'd recommend the darker color. 2. There are cheaper options in Amazon if you look up neckband speaker. However they have less functions and reliability issues, but might be worth a try if you don't want to spend on this yet.
Reviewed on June 11, 2023
I found the blue tooth is weaker than my$20 unit, phone also has the highest version of Bluetooth. Surprised the distance was to be improved but instead of anything less.! right off the bat manual is useless , doesn't say how to skip tracks, mute etc answer calls etc etc etc. Very weak. I have compared 3 different brands, the main difference is the manual very weak on Sony. My wife has a $20 unit and I think it's about as good. The monster is by far the best sound but big. Also on Sony you can turn off the 15 min auto turn off, very important if you use for calls. So the main issue is Bluetooth is disappointing, I have the same version on both ends. $20 unit with older Bluetooth version has a little farther distance... I will say battery life is great. I wear all day long.
Reviewed on May 11, 2023
The speakers work well frequency range not good. Very little bass. Not very loud.
Reviewed on January 13, 2023
Everyones need is different. Can't beat them, join them. It's getting harder to tell the kids not to spend more time on playing games. And when they do, we play games on a call, as a group. Already they don't respond when you call them. With earbuds we would lost the last piece - ear. This is the perfect headset that will keep the ears open and allows to minimize the sound. Build quality at least in the beginning appears good, even though little scared about those pictures. Clear quality during a conversation. Not expecting to enjoy music on this. Very light weight. No issues connecting with Bluetooth 5. Works great on PC and phone at the same time. It's not cheap though and not a latest model product.
Reviewed on January 30, 2023
It's a little over priced, and people seem to be greatly underwhelmed. I listen to talk radio and audio books, this neckband is wonderful for that. The sound is thin (it's all highs and mid), voices are easily heard and clear. There is no bass. -It's stereo AM radio+ quality. -It does phone calls well. -it has a pretty decent distance. -It's feather light and rests easy on your shoulders. - It has a quality build feel's for voice, once you come to terms with that it will meet all of your expectations.
Reviewed on October 06, 2021
The good is the long battery life. I used them for half a day and the speaker still said 100 percent. It seems to me that in order to get the most out of the battery they sacrificed every trace of good sound. Remember the headphones they used to give out during flights, or buses, well that's literally how they sound. The hardware is grate like all Sony products BTW. But the small speakers are very lacking. I noticed the weak sound from the very moment I linked them to my phone. I believe this product is being promoted for users that would be working from home, and I think if that's how you intend to use them then it should decent enough. I could hardly hear what was being said while driving, then I went to the mall's food court and same situation, very hard to understand what it was being said, then finally I went to the market and same issue, the sound is weak. I own the Bose soundwear, (i shared the photo) and the sound on those is twice as loud and much richer with some bass. They cost twice as much when they were available but they are worth every penny. I'm so sad they were discontinued and that was another reason I got so excited when the Sony ones were announced because I didn't want to buy a no-name speaker. THe only thing I don't like about the Bose soundwear is that when I ride my bike and turn back my chin bone hits it and it hurts, that was another reason I was so eager to get the sony, which is lighter and therefore more comfortable but my wife said that it was more noticeable than bose one while wearing it. In any case, I was disappointed and I'm hoping another manufacturer steps in and produces another model soon. The neck speakers are awesome, they allow you listen to your surroundings without blocking ambient sounds, they also don't torture your ear canals like in-ear headphone do.