Tech-Life Boss Portable Bluetooth Speaker- 4-Pack

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  • CRAZY SOUND, PERIOD. - Tech-Life BOSS packs a loud punch. Bass-Optimized for crystal clear sound that stays true to the music, experience crisp sound at all volume levels. You feel the bass even at low volumes. Any music lover would enjoy this powerful speaker as the perfect birthday gift.
  • MULTI-LINK REVOLUTION - Connect up-to 100 Tech-Life speakers! Create any configuration of BOSS speakers to fit your needs. Perfect for pool parties, outdoor parties, BBQ's, beach parties, college tailgates.
  • 100FT WIRELESS RANGE- Wireless range of 100ft to your phone. You can connect speakers together in different rooms for multi room listening through the entire house. The perfect Splashproof speaker for pool parties and house parties.
  • TRAVELS WELL WITH OTHERS - Rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours making BOSS the perfect travel companion. Impress your friends, family or even your boss with the Bass-optimized crystal clear sound! This durable speaker is designed to go with you everywhere, throw it in your backpack and go hiking, camping, bicycling.
  • POWER BANK - Portable USB Power bank to quickly charge your phone on the go!

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableJuly 21, 2021
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 22, 2023
EXCELLENT product. I've misplaced the charger. How can I get a new one?
Reviewed on July 20, 2023
I like everything about this small compact sound box. I wish it could sound way louder
Reviewed on June 27, 2023
This speaker works great and nice sound quality. Easy set up and use it around the house or outside.
Reviewed on January 30, 2023
Used to sound great, but it doesn't work anymore since it no longer pairs to anything for more than a few seconds at a time. Lasted about 6 or 7 months. Tried to contact the company, but their support link takes me to a "flash furniture" login page which is obviously not helpful. This was supposed to have a one year warranty on it, but if I can't contact the company, what's the point? That's the reason for the drop in rating. Otherwise, if it's functioning properly it sounds great. Update: Speaker was not the issue, was an issue with the phone. Still disappointed that I wasn't able to reach the company somehow, but speaker is working again and sounds great still...
Reviewed on July 27, 2023
Ive had these for about 3 months now and am pretty disappointed and unimpressed. I bought the four pack to use on my patio. Despite 4 speaker surround sound the sound aint great. It’s tinny and staticky, I have a lot off Bluetooth speakers and even my cheaper ones sound better. The battery life only lasts about 6hrs, and varies between speakers. After a full charge some speakers last only four hours while other make it for six. Either way, I can’t us them for a full day in the garden or bbqing. I've also learned range is about half of advertised, which is a pain as you have to leave your phone next to the speakers if you go to the front yard, garage, bathroom… and if you forget to leave your phone you have to go through the whole reconnection process again. The other pain is if you just take one speaker to use somewhere you have to then reconnect all the speakers to use aa four pack again designating master and subordinate speakers. Final straw that leads to this review, which I don’t write many of, is that three of the speakers went dead last two weeks and now I have to send them back for warranty. I will say that customer service in setting up the return has been pretty good so far. Time will tell how long replacement actually takes. Definitely would not purchase again and would return them if I still could. I expected much better for the price.
Reviewed on May 22, 2019
There are tons of products on Amazon, and I've had many disappointing experiences when a product from a lesser known brand arrives. They end up being great paperweights and/or motivating me to spend more on something better. I needed some decent sound for my outdoor patio area. After looking around for a while, I landed on the Boss as the best "bang for the buck" option. I have been using a Tech-Life BeatBlock for 6+ years and it still delivers today. I've tried many others but keep coming back to the BeatBlock. The Boss packaging lets you know that you've purchased a premium product right off the bat. This company isn't messing around. I am not a hardcore audiophile, but I enjoy high end sound. To give you a sense of the sound I'm used to, I have a set of Fostex TR-X00s attached to a Schiit DAC/AMP in my office, a Bowers and Wilkins setup for home theater, and Bose QC35s for travel. I'm impressed with the sound from this speaker. Clarity is good, mids/highs come through and sound good, bass has depth/warmth without being over the top or muddy. Overall super responsive/clean for this price point. Everybody that hangs out on my patio comments on the sound coming out of the speaker and a couple friends have already used it to charge their phone. That's one speaker in a 30'x20' space; I'm definitely getting a few more to link up for larger spaces. If you're in the market and researching options: Look no further -- you've just found your life hack. You're not going to find better sound without spending multiples more.
Reviewed on January 08, 2023
I purchased four of these speakers. They sound absolutely awesome. However, they are really difficult to use via Bluetooth from many Android phones. Neither my Pixel 5 nor my Moto G were able to connect. However, my iPad works great via BT.
Reviewed on November 05, 2020
I had a friend that had purchased this speaker and she had really good things to say about it. I desperately needed a portable speaker for weekends at the park, beach, get togethers, etc. This one seemed like it would be a good fit for my lifestyle with the 10 hour battery life and durable shell. I brought it out to the park and my friends and I were really impressed with how crystal clear the sound despite how loud we brought the volume up. I have since taken this speaker on travel to pool parties and the beach and it has absolutely delivered. I'm not the most careful person and have definitely dropped it a time or two, but it is pretty sturdy and came out with no scratches. I love how compact it is and how far away I can walk without the music getting interrupted. I definitely plan on getting another one to pair for larger get togethers. Very happy with my purchase.