Tribit Upgraded StormBox Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker with High Fidelity 360 Sound, Bluetooth 5.3, 3 Drivers with 2 Passive Radiators, Built-in XBass, 24H Playtime, IP67 Waterproof for Outdoors

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  • High Fidelity 360° Audio Quality: Big sound, big experience. Punching above its weight in volume and sound quality, the Tribit StormBox gives off a full, 360° sound unlike any other. Armed with dual-passive radiators for heavy-hitting low notes, it converts wasteful vibrations into acoustic output. No dead zones either, so everywhere is the right place to be when you're listening to this speaker.
  • Enhanced XBass Technology: Get your foot tapping, the dance floor moving and the party pumping. It's hard to miss the Tribit XBass Technology, which does real justice to those bass kicks and low notes that really fill out a song and make it satisfying to listen to.
  • Extreme Battery Life: Nothing kills the party faster than a dead speaker. With a whopping high-capacity battery, the Tribit StormBox Pro can last up to an unbelievable 24hrs listening time. With that enormous battery, you can even charge other devices on it like your phone or your tablet.
  • Excellent Connectivity: Some speakers have trouble getting and staying connected, but not this one. Supporting Bluetooth 5.3, the wireless connection is always strong with great audio quality. What's more, this speaker even has multi-point functionality so you can connect two devices simultaneously.
  • Incredibly Portable: Thanks to the flexible handle, you can carry the speaker wherever you're off to. Better yet, it even has an IP67 water rating, perfectly equipped for those beach or pool days when you want some summertime jams in the outdoors.
  • Due to the chip upgradation, the latest version of StormBox Pro could not be stereo paired with the previous version.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions18 x 9.6 x 9.6 inches
Item Weight2.71 pounds
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberBTS31
Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableMarch 31, 2021
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 07, 2023
7/26/23 update: mona from tribit customer service reached out and kindly arranged for an authentic older version of this speaker to be shipped to me direct from their warehouse and so far, the stereo pairing works great and the speakers sound amazing. sound quality is 6 stars out of 5, build quality is also 5/5 stars. battery life is a solid 4/5-these bad boys put out 40 watts each and last at least 8-9 hours. the one snag is bluetooth connectivity; id give these a 3.5/5 unfortunately. i feel the sound quality makes up for it completely but it is annoying when the right or left channel disconnects or goes out of synch with the other speaker when standing in between the speakers or turning the volume up or down. this is a general issue i've experienced with all kinds of tribit bluetooth speakers i have around my house so, if having to turn your speakers on and off in the middle of listening session is a deal breaker you may have to step up to a higher tier of brand. i have them set up in my large family room for music and podcasts and the smaller tribit stormbox go's on my desk connected to my macbook and ipad and i'm very happy with these speakers and this brand. the sound fills the room and the subwoofers are a nice addition. original review: after a year of using this speaker, taking it back and forth to europe and los angeles, using it at the beach, in the bathroom, as a speaker for a TV, laptop, etc, i bought a second 'upgraded' one since i'm so satisfied with the product. i cant wait to pair them together and see how the stereo sounds. it's loud but the bass can be too much sometimes so, play with the volume on your device and speaker to find the right balance you personally prefer. my one friend with the a bose competition speaker without returned her $220 speaker for this one and she's happy with it. UPDATE: down from 5 stars to 3. the 'upgraded' version of the stormbox pro does not pair with the older model i bought ONLY A YEAR AGO. the brand doesn't mention this in its listing; you have to search "stereo pairing" in the 'answered questions' section on the amazon page of the upgraded version and the older version doesn't even exist anymore on their official website. very disappointing and shady. the upgraded speaker also sounds slightly muddier and muffled compared to the older version; that can be the space I have the speaker in or the music i listen to but, having both speakers next to me and switching the same devo song between the two, there was a noticeable difference. is this upgraded version still a very good bluetooth speaker worth the price in comparison with its competition? yes. is it loud and really high quality? absolutely am i still satisfied with the older version i purchased a year ago? definitely. I'm riding that thing til the wheels fall off lol. did i return it? yes. i need two stereo speakers for my personal desk and I do not want nor need to purchase two brand-new, overpowered, 40w bluetooth speakers.
Reviewed on May 16, 2023
Update: This is a really good sounding and substantially built speaker. Why are people pathologically obsessed with overwhelming and intrusive bass? (and why do people keep spelling it “base”?) My only gripe with this speaker (and just about any good Bluetooth speaker) is the uneven response when turned up. Reviewers blather on and on about how great the bass is without any consideration for even, clean, sound reproduction. I am a rock musician so I like loud bass but I also like to hear the mids and highs as well. Given the size of these speakers there is just so much bass that can be cranked through them and still sound good. The good thing about 60 watts of power is that - even though I can only put the speaker at about 70-80 percent before the bass starts overwhelming the mids and highs - it is still pretty loud for my needs. This is a good speaker but, like most speakers, it just tries too hard to be bass heavy and not smooth and even. Original review: I really like the way this speaker sounds at low to middle volume. At that level the bass has an impressive level and it’s tight sounding. I would have given this speaker a full five stars if the EQ in the app was useful. There aren’t enough bands of adjustment on the EQ and it doesn’t hold the settings. The EQ is also not designed to show you exactly what sound profile is active at any time. Like I mentioned, turned up to about 40-50% the sound is very good. This sucker gets loud. Once one goes over 50% volume the upper mids to the high end start to get very harsh. I find that higher than 50% that killing the bass boost helps a lot. The speakers sound evens out quite a bit when you take off the bass boost at higher volumes. 60 watts of output power doesn’t necessarily mean “louder” than a 40 watt amp, there is just more headroom. I never push any sound device past 80-ish percent because going past that on any speaker/amp or on any sound system is just asking for trouble and disappointment. At 80% the sound is acceptable with the bass boost off. Remember the size of this thing. It’s definitely not a hip-hop thumper bumper. Killing the bass boost actually does make really loud volume sound better. Before I gave up on the EQ in the app I was able to even out the response at higher volume nicely it’s a custom profile. The inability to know what preset was active, and the tendency of the EQ to not even change from one sound profile to another was also annoying. I don’t need to connect 100 speakers or have a rave in my backyard or ever use this on a sandy beach so this speaker works very well sitting on the counter in my bathroom. Overall a very good purchase at the price for my use.