W-KING Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer, 70W Waterproof Speakers Bluetooth Wireless Loud with Bass/Hi-Fi Audio, Large Outdoor Speaker with Party Lights/Mic Port/42H/EQ/DSP/Power Bank/TF/AUX

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  • 70W RMS (90W PEAK) PUNCHY BASS AND RGB LIGHTS: The portable bluetooth speakers with subwoofer (Double 35W), tweeters (Double 10W) and double large passive radiators to deliver super deep bass and crystal clear treble. Also the portable speaker features the DSP chip for zero distortion to deliver Hi-Fi Sound. The dynamic 7-colors LED light show will groove to the music beats and occupy your field of vision to light up a hot party. W-KING D10 party loud bluetooth speaker is designed for the ultimate in-music sound!
  • 140W SUPER STEREO PAIRING & KARAOKE MACHINE: Easy pairing of two D10 portable bluetooth speakers to create both left and right channel systems go crazy, the 140W ultra-stereo surround sound immediately invades your hearing, and your heart beats wildly with the double bass sound. The wireless bluetooth speaker also has a microphone jack (0.25") to allow singing Karaoke (Only Support Dynamic Microphone). Sing solo, share a duet, or rap battle for the title of Karaoke King. The best choice for any party/Game/TV/PC!
  • 42H PLAYBACK & IPX6 WATERPROOF & POWER BANK: W-KING D10 waterproof bluetooth speaker has a large-capacity battery to support 42h playback (minimum volume) and sturdy handle makes it easy to take anywhere. As a power bank to charge your smart devices, so that you will never miss any message. IPX6 waterproof and shockproof makes the waterproof bluetooth speaker suitable for outdoor activities and the passive radiators covers prevent accidental bumps and drops. Take the waterproof bluetooth speaker with you on camping trip or beach party!
  • EQ MODE & BLUETOOTH 5.0: Use the equalizer button to adjust your audio signal to find the right balance and enjoy deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs. Advanced wireless speaker bluetooth 5.0 support fast and stable signal transmission (connection range of 100 feet/30 meters). The wireless bluetooth speaker loud easily connect your smart phone, TV, PC, Laptop and other mobile devices via Bluetooth or Auxiliary for all-day playback and enjoy music anytime, anywhere.
  • HAND-FREE & TF CARD & AUX: The outdoor speaker with built-in microphone also provides a hands-free of your call. And you can communicate with the phone assistant to control music by the portable outdoor speaker. The portable bluetooth speaker has 3.5mm audio jacks and TF-Card Slot. Please use a 5V 2.0A power adapter (not included) to charge your outdoor bluetooth speaker loud. Get the D10 loud bluetooth speaker, let's get the party started!

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Package Dimensions16.1 x 8.94 x 7.64 inches
Item Weight8.03 pounds
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Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Date First AvailableSeptember 7, 2021

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on January 13, 2023
I bought two of them during different lightning deals over the last couple of months, so with that the price/performance ratio is excellent, especially compared to the competition, which usually is lacking in one feature or another (such as an aux port, USB-C, a handle, etc.). I'm satisfied with them overall, and would recommend them, though there are a few flaws and things that you should know about, since not every feature is as described in the marketing material. Sound: The sound quality for regular bluetooth playing is decent compared to Wonderboom, JBL, and Anker, but not at the level of Bose. I got this as a replacement for my Anker Soundcore Motion+, which had the bluetooth stop working after 20 months (2 months out of warranty). This is bigger, so better in a lot of respects, though of course less portable overall, but still easier to carry due to the handle. The aux input sound has a bit of hissing at the highest volume (more on one unit than the other), but it's not noticeable with loud enough music. The sound from the karaoke mic input on the other hand, is terrible, and basically unusable for me. It is locked at max amplification, with a TON of hissing present. It has a heavy reverb effect applied, and with it amping it up so much, it's easy to get feedback. The karaoke sound effect and volume cannot be changed. Even though they programmed in a way to control that volume separately from the music volume, it doesn't work for whatever reason. I followed the instructions, and it beeped to indicate it is in the alternate volume setting mode, but there's no change (unless it has like 1,000,000 steps or something and I'm just not patient enough). I suspect that they are dumping a slightly defective product on the U.S. market at a discount because it wouldn't sell in their home country of China, where that feature is likely a major selling point. I looked for this product on their website, and it is nowhere to be found, while all the others they are selling here are present. It's the same on both units I got. I decided I don't care enough about that feature for it to be a deal-breaker, but it is still annoying. The speaker cones are fairly close together, so while you do get stereo sound, you don't get much stereo separation with just one unit. The dual audio feature works surprisingly well, and having two of these going is really impressive. Once paired, changing a setting on one will change the setting on the other. So if you want the lights off on both, you'd want to wait until after pairing, otherwise you'll have the lights on one or the other when you change the setting. After the initial setup, you can turn on both and get the dual speaker setup automatically. Very, very nice. You can't really beat several feet of stereo separation. They have enough power to get it as loud as you'd want for a house or small gathering, but you're not going to be able to put on a concert with them or anything. One is good, two is great. The equalization is just a bass boost, a bit heavy with, and quite weak without it (though better for just a voice podcast). Meh. I use it with my phone, and my player app has an equalizer, so I set the bass boost on and then turn it down slightly on my phone for the optimum. Not subwoofer levels, but a good enough frequency range for most music. Build quality: overall fairly solid, but a bit brittle. It's nice to be able to tilt it up a bit, but that makes it a bit unstable. I had one roll off of a bin and hit a hardwood floor from exactly 18" up, and the housing shattered. It broke of a large chunk, and one of the internal screw supports snapped. I was able to disassemble it with a tiny hex bit and superglue it back together, but basically it's not as resilient as it needs to be for its mass. with it partially disassembled, I was able to inspect the weather-sealing gaskets, which are decent; good enough for rain, but likely not enough for full immersion (though after the repair since there's a slight gap. whatever). The rubber seal over the ports is pretty impressive, though maybe a little challenging to pull out. Battery life is fantastic, though the charging over USB-C is very slow compared to what it could be. Hopefully it holds up over the long run. We'll see. usability: The handle is great, really comfy. The buttons are huge, easy to read and press. It's nice to be able to pick it up and turn it on with my thumb at the same time. Pairing is a snap, and it comes with an instruction manual for how to set up the dual pairing mode and such. other: The RGB lighting feature is okay, but not amazing. It does synchronize the flickering to the beat, but it flickers pretty fast, and just cycles colors in a regular pattern. Really only good for pretty basic EDM. It turns the lights on by default each time you turn the unit on (though it does at least keep your volume and bass boost setting from before). It has different sounds it plays during startup, pairing, and shutdown, which are fixed at a fairly loud volume level, independent of your volume setting.
Reviewed on July 25, 2023
I've been jamming to a Megaboom speaker for a few years and I love it. Its small enough to through in a carry on bag when traveling and it has a good sound. But I wanted something that didn't break the bank but has the sound that big name brand Bluetooth speakers produce. W-KING Portable Bluetooth is it! You can YouTube some side by side reviews with this speaker and you will easily hear it hangs with the best of the best. But it is priced as if it doesn't stand a chance... I haven't had it long enough to give you a true battery life test. I do like the fact you have control over the lights, I'm not much in the light show. It has a USB connection so that I can charge my phone off of it. It comes with a charge cable only. It doesn't have a USB wall charger, you will have to provide that yourself. Overall its a great speaker with good base with clean sound. No muffle sounds from this guy....
Reviewed on July 17, 2023
Been using this 70W bluetooth for a week now and impressed with everything. The 4 speaker system puts out plenty of sound without much if any audio distortion at all levels. The housing seems well made and solid, I really feel it was designed well for outdoor use. This Bluetooth speaker system wasn't cheap either (around $90 Prime deal), but after seeing it and hearing the power and performance I'm very happy with it and it's price. It does take a long time to fully charge the internal battery and it seems to last as long as they advertise. We got this for the beach so it's gonna be tested for the heat, sun, salt air (humidity), surf noise, and sand. I'll update my review in a couple months after it's use in this harsh environment (another reason for spending this much).
Reviewed on May 16, 2023
It takes forever to charge up, but it also takes forever to drain. So, I am happy. The better part of a day, or, all night long and them some more time. That is if it is totally drained. If the last little light is showing, go ahead and recharge the whole thing and it might be done in less than half a day, but maybe not. The lights are not necessary but add to the spirit of the thing. I turn them off because they drain the battery faster and there isn't much to them. Where this stands out is when it is cranked up and you can hear the separation of the vocals and the background instruments and if the drums are upfront or where ever they are placed. You can actually make out lyrics that otherwise might have been questionable. I have been rediscovering my entire music collection on this little thing. It cranks. I bought two more and sent them off to friends as a surprise and one of them has told me it is his favorites speaker out of everything he has. Beating his MAC computer and his television and stereo. It cranks. Have I mentioned that? It cranks without distortion, that is the thing. I use to have a nice car stereo with two amps and a eq in the trunk and Polk audio. Back when Nine in Nails The Downward Spiral was released, would crank it in the car and it would get as loud as loud could be without distortion. Hearing loss was gonna happen if I kept it up, so I didn't. But this reminds me of that. Not the same volume, but the clarity when completely cranked up, that part still makes me happy. Good product. If they could make this in the U.S., it would cost $1400.00.
Reviewed on July 24, 2023
I like the unit, however I am disappointed in the Blue Tooth strength. I have an older small unit (another brand) that has amazing connection; I can walk away, further than 100' and it still stays connected and playing music. I can be 25 or 30 feet away with the W-King unit and have crackling issues with the sound; 100' is touch and go. I am assuming this is a blue tooth quality issue. This is the largest issue I have, I use this speaker while working outside, I HATE loosing connection or have to restart the music because it lost connection. Other than that I like the W-King. It could be louder as well. I went mostly off the video reviews, I am a little disappointed in the volume as well when outdoors working.