W-KING Portable Loud Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer, 70W Portable Outdoor Speakers Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof, Triple Passive Radiators-Deep Bass/Hi-fi Audio/DSP/42H/Power Bank/TF/AUX/EQ/Opener

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  • ♫👍70W RMS (90W PEAK) POWERFUL DEEP BASS- W-KING X10 Loud Bluetooth Speaker is the first on the market with triple passive radiators (2 * 3.5" side and 4.76" back), which can provide a deep bass experience unmatched by other bluetooth speakers. The outdoor portable speakers Bluetooth wireless also equipped with 2*35W subwoofer, 2*10W tweeters and advanced DSP chip to achieve clearer mid-highs, rich and smooth zero-distortion sound, and high-frequency sound up to 40kHz is significantly clearer.
  • ♫👍BLUETOOTH 5.0 & 140W HI-FI STEREO SOUND- Premium Bluetooth 5.0 Portable Speakers Bluetooth Wireless provides incredible 100ft wireless range, faster Bluetooth connection and more stable signal transmission. Connect 2 W-KING X10 portable outdoor bluetooth speakers loud via Bluetooth to form a wireless left and right channel system, amplify your listening experience to epic levels for a perfect rock party with double the bass (X10 and X10-1 can't be paired). A FREE BOTTLE OPENER AS A GIFT!
  • ♫👍IPX6 WATERPROOF & DETACHABLE STRAPS- Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has an exquisite design that incorporates sturdy ABS plastic and translucent soft rubber. You can bring it to the beach and anywhere else, play your favorite music, and accompany your leisure time(Do not put it directly in the water). X10 waterproof bluetooth speaker includes an adjustable, tear-resistant shoulder strap for easy portability and is designed for active people on the go, catering to your needs throughout the day.
  • ♫👍42H PLAYTIME & 7.2V 7800mAH BATTERY AS POWER BANK- W-KING waterproof outdoor bluetooth speakers delivers up to 42H of playtime from a single charge (playtime may vary depending on volume and audio content). The 7.2V 7800mAh battery built into the bluetooth speakers portable wireless can also function as a power bank and effortlessly charge your tablet or phone via a USB port. Don't worry about your device losing power or missing any important news when you're at the camp.
  • ♫👍MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS- The X10 Bluetooth speakers have 2 EQ modes - indoor mode delivers boosted bass while outdoor mode provides crisp sound. durable fabric material and sturdy rubber housing ensure that your speaker is built to withstand all of your adventures. The portable loud bluetooth speaker also features a 3.5mm AUX port, a TF card slot, and a mic for hands-free. It's the perfect outdoor speaker for trips, beach, and pool parties, and makes a great gift for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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Package Dimensions14.8 x 8.43 x 6.77 inches
Item Weight7.43 pounds
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableNovember 26, 2021
Country of OriginChina
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on November 25, 2022
The sound is amazing for its size. The 'two equalizer settings' really don't add much in the way of bass. If you want good bass from this device, remember its got passive speakers on the sides and back. Those won't add bass sitting on a table in the middle of a room. Place it in the corner of a room, where the sides are about 6 inches from each wall, and the back about a foot from the corner. That's how you get really great bass from this device. Of course, it still sounds OK if its not in a corner, so take it out by the pool and enjoy the fact that its IPX6 rated... but don't expect all the bass you can get when its making full use of the 3 passive radiators it has. There's no star-rating for usability, so here's my take on usability. The buttons on this device.. eg power, volume up/down... are NOT going to be pressed by accident. You REALLY have to push on them. I don't think the issue is so much the button itself. Its a nice clicky button.. but its behind really thick rubber which doesn't flex easily. For reference, a typical cherry-switch keyboard takes about 60g to press a key... the buttons on this device I would say require at least 3 times that... less than that TEST button on your typical GFCI bathroom outlet, but not by much. Given how awkward the buttons are to use, I have no idea why they make them stay lit continuously when the speaker is on. You'll want to avoid using these buttons and just use your phone, so finding these buttons in a dark room is totally unnecessary. Would be nice if they just kept the blue/green light lit so you know its on, and save some juice by not lighting the buttons continuously. Wireless Stereo Pairing: I only have one of these devices, but got a chance to pair it up with a friend's... and yes... it works very well. Not a feature you need all the time, but when you want twice-the-oomph, you'll be glad to know its there. This feature is the single biggest reason to never lose the instruction manual, as the setup procedure for getting them both paired in stereo is a bit tricky, so snap a picture of the instructions to your phone ;). Strap vs handle... going from a portable speaker that had a handle I thought I would not like the strap... but it really is the best of both worlds. A lot of time this speaker is on my desk (catty-corner to the wall to get all that extra bass) and looks great without the strap at all. Play-while-plugged-in: Absolutely. You can keep it plugged in and jamming to your music at the same time. Charging your phone: The USB-C port seems to be just for charging the speaker. If you want to charge your phone, use the USB-A port. It doesn't appear to be QC3, but does seem to do a decent fast-charge (like your typical 2.4a USB generic charger). Aux-In jack: Wait for the device to power up, and even bluetooth attach, THEN plug in the aux cable, and it will override the bluetooth connection and the 'blue' connected LED will turn green. No kidding... use this with your TV or laptop for a great movie watching experience. This is a really under-rated feature that many bluetooth speakers don't bother with. Glad W-King got this right. TF card slot: Seems like a solution looking for a problem. They should leave this out and instead throw in a small remote control (like the size that comes with most space heaters)... for when your phone is by the speaker but you need a quick way to skip a track, pause, or adjust the volume. Bluetooth connect: Yes, this device has a microphone and you can answer calls through it. But ask yourself if you really want to take a call where everyone in the room (and the next room over) can hear your conversation. Would be great to have the option to pair media or pair both media and calls. That way when your phone rings you can just answer it on your phone like normal. But alas, its a generic bluetooth solution and I haven't seen any bluetooth speaker try to address this. Overall thoughts: Great value for the money. Its a rugged little beast, which comes at the cost of the buttons being stiffer than I'd like. Sound is great especially if you place it where you can get those passive radiators to resonate off some walls. If occasionally you need more than 70watts... don't go find a bigger speaker... get two of these and use the stereo pairing. The Aux-In is a nice feature that you'll probably find you'll use more often than charging your phone from this device, but its nice to know you can if you needed to.
Reviewed on April 02, 2023
Okay let's get to the point this thing absolutely destroys the JBL Xtreme by an uncomparable degree It has more than twice the amount of wattage in fact it has almost more than triple when it's running on battery because as we all know the JBL Xtreme only runs on 20 of its 40 Watts when it's on battery power which isn't that supposed to be the point of a portable Bluetooth speaker is to be used on battery. When I get this thing to its peak I was able to get a reading of 75 to 78 watts of power. So this company holds up to its promise. And if you place it in the corner of a room be prepared to hear an enormous amount of bass. You can get audible bass in the corner of a room down to as low as 39 HZ sadly it is just short of being able to play bass I love you That would have been completely bad arse haha . Comes with a really nice and very high quality strap and it is very easy to put on the back of your neck and shoulders kind of like a backpack almost and have the speaker in front so you can go on nice journeys hikes walks with this thing playing. However there are a couple of downsides Using weaker wall charger bricks will make them heat up a lot If you play bass heavy music at full volume you eventually clip the amplifier causing the sound to sound more like a square wave rather than a sine wave. Now that won't necessarily destroy your speakers or anything if you stop it after a few moments.. it's just annoying when it happens and you have to turn it down a couple notches to remove it. Even if you continue to do it it won't really cause much damage at all if any but it will make your amplifier get hot and your speaker will eventually shut off for protection. It won't happen if you play just one or two songs but if you play a few songs continuously the amplifier gets really warm which isn't necessarily bad it just means that it can't put out as much power efficiently so it caps out a little more easily as you use it more.. But don't let that discourage you because you can still play most music that have decent amount of bass that are not truly bass heavy at full volume with no problems on this thing Because just by turning it down two notches you remove that bass clipping and you still get extremely loud sound and Bass that still rivals the extreme from JBL. The only reason why it is a 3-star is because it does take a very long time to charge it heats up most bricks that you use and I wish they would have put technology in to prevent clipping from happening. It would lower bass volume slightly if it was about to clip
Reviewed on June 09, 2023
Well I must say I’ve used JBL bluetooth speakers over the past ten years starting with the charge2 , then the charge3 etc… I have used and abused them, and I really admire the sound quality and the punch they have for the size being that my last unit has made its demise, I was shopping for another one I was ready to spend $300 on a bigger JBL extreme 3 or $200-250 on the charge 5. With that being said, I did a little shopping and I came across this unit and I had some good reviews and of course I was a little skeptical, but being that everything is made in China sore all the components that they use, and also the fact that I kind of beat the shit out of these things I take them to work I use them in the garage. I use them outside the house when I’m working on the house and I take them to the beach the parks barbecues, and fishing , camping etc…. what got me to buy this and try it out was the price and so far I’m very impressed. I got a nice sounding unit and it’s a decent size $115. You can’t beat this if you get a year out of it it’s worth the money if you are gentle with it and get to three years out of it God bless you, take my advice give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed!!!!!!