W-KING Loud Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer, 80W Party Portable Outdoor Speakers Bluetooth Wireless -Deep Bass, Huge 105dB Sound, Mixed Color Lights, 24H Play, AUX, USB Play, TF Card, Non-Waterproof

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  • ♫👍Crazy Bass & 105db Huge Sound- The 80W loud Bluetooth speaker has thunderous bass, rich mids, and high-pitched tones that burst into a heady rave. Let your ears enjoy high-definition stereo sound anytime, anywhere. The portable speakers bluetooth wireless have an incredibly loud 105dB sound, Also the portable speakers feature 2*4.04" Subwoofers, 2*1.2" tweeters and DSP tuned to produce overwhelming bass and crisp highs, Bass Reflex Tube for deeper and natural bass with fewer distortions.
  • ♫👍Bass Reflex Tube Technology& Portable Handle- The T9-2 80W RMS (100W PEAK) bluetooth speaker adopts advanced bass reflex tube to ensure deep and resonant bass, which enhances the overall audio experience, allowing us to enjoy a more dynamic and bodily Immersive sound. Additionally, the handle of the outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker allows you to easily carry it, and dance at any time, You'll be the king of the stage. Perfect as a birthday, Christmas, holiday gift for kids/woman/man/friends.
  • ♫👍Vibrant Mixed Color LED Lights & Visible Tunes- Party bluetooth speakers portable wireless can switch different light rings according to the category of the song. The light ring has 7 different colors, and 6 light effects can be freely switched with the beat of the music. The portable speakers bluetooth wireless is rugged and durable, coupled with high-quality sound, to ensure a relaxed atmosphere at home or party, and enjoy the dual impact of vision and hearing, boosting more off your party.
  • ♫👍24H Playtime & 160W Wireless Stereo Pairing- The powerful long-life battery technology allows your large outdoor bluetooth speakers to play 24H. Wireless stereo Pairing technology allows you to create a wireless two-channel system by pairing 2 portable speakers wireless via Bluetooth to provide a 160W true stereo sound effect. (t9-2 cannot be paired with T9-1.) Please use the 5V/2A power adapter and the USB-C cable we provide to charge the bluetooth speaker. The power adapter is not included.
  • ♫👍EQ Mode & Bluetooth 5.0 & AUX/TF Card/USB Playback- EQ mode lets you enjoy the perfect balance of mid-low and high-pitched, wireless speakers with advanced bluetooth 5.0 that can freely and easily connect your outdoor speaker to your phone, including other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Insert the 3.5mm AUX cable provided by the party loud Bluetooth speaker into your TV and laptop to play the audio at any time. Use TF-card and USB drives to play your music and enjoy different listening modes.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions9.37 x 8.19 x 18.11 inches
Item Weight9.38 pounds
Item model numberT9-2
Batteries2 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableJanuary 23, 2021
Country of OriginChina
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on June 15, 2023
Please read this whole review. I ordered this Bluetooth speaker for a specific event after watching reviews online. I ordered it on a Saturday and initially it was supposed to arrive on Tuesday.... Then Wednesday.... Then Friday.... After my event it arrived on the following Tuesday. I had already bought another speaker from a box store. So I promptly compared the two and chose to keep the Ohn from the big box store. My reasons were because not only was the king extremely late but also much smaller and didn't even remotely stand up to the other one. Not as much base. Sounded a bit tinny on high end and the speaker just felt empty. Edit- I edited some misspellings. Also I have been contacted by w King offering a replacement or refund. Since I have already received a refund, I told them they may send a speaker for comparison if they feel they have one that will outperform the one I purchased from the big box store. I will update again after their response. Today I received the W King T11 party speaker in a show of good faith from them to rectify a poor experience. The speaker came packaged excellently and with clear instructions. I headed up and running within seconds and was able to do a full comparison between this and the Ohn brand large party speaker I bought from Walmart. I have to say I can tell very little difference between the two of them with the exception that perhaps the W King has a slightly clearer sound with perhaps slightly less bass. I would assume that is simply because of the size of the speakers and is almost undetectable. I play the series of rap, country, and some high-end vocals and quite honestly I am just as pleased with either speaker. I am certainly impressed by W Kings willingness to rectify what ended up costing me an exceptional amount of money to entertain guests. The initial shipment was very late and I was forced to buy a speaker at the last minute to entertain guests when I had expected to use the original product I ordered from them. True to their word they sent the speaker quickly and I'm very pleased with the product and will certainly order from them again if the need arises.
Reviewed on April 29, 2021
The T9 “bass party speaker” is the newest speaker from an established, respected company that consistently gets great reviews on their other speakers like the D8 and D9. This T9 speaker is pretty similar to those speakers, only better — around 50% louder and bigger. The other smaller speakers like D8 and D9 do have a few advantages over the T9 — they’re waterproof / water resistant, and they can be used to charge phones and other USB devices. But I’m fine with that. I’d rather have louder, better sound. As another reviewer said, making the speaker waterproof impacts the sound. I *really* like this speaker. I’ve tried a lot of portable speakers. This one is my favorite by far. It’s one of only two speakers I liked enough to keep. It’s louder and has more bass than the smaller waterproof speakers I tried in the 30-50 watt range. This speaker will adequately fill up a large 25 foot square room with loud party music (I noticed my ears were ringing after just 10 minutes of max volume). The music is still at enjoyable volumes in the connecting rooms on every side — loud enough that some of you might turn down the music or move to a further room to talk. PROS: The price is lower than most every other party speaker of comparable size and quality. The sound is quite good — the best of all I’ve tried. Sound is clearer, with more bass and a sound EQ profile closer to a real stereo system. This speaker has two EQ modes that should satisfy people who like more bass and those who prefer more treble. Most other directional speakers tend to have the sound change noticeably as you move around the room. Especially the loudness and the EQ / sound profile. This is the first one that doesn’t. Many other speakers have had noticeable intermittent rises and falls in volume during some songs. I suspect the speakers being so close to each other leads to undesirable accidental noise cancellation, where opposite or out of sync sound waves cancel each other out. This one doesn’t. Usually I distrust and avoid products on Amazon that have only a few reviews. Too many of them are scams. Rest assured, this speaker has few reviews right now because it’s so new. W-King has honestly really impressed me as being a great company, for the reasons below. I *love* that W-King speakers (like the D8 and D9, and hopefully this new T9) have updatable firmware. This allows speaker features to be changed, fixed, and improved. Features like sound quality and equalization profile. I don’t know any other speaker manufacturer that does that. Their support is great. They quickly replied to my tech support questions by email. When they saw I had left a review of one of their other speakers that wasn’t all 5 stars, they immediately took the time to reach out to me and made recommendations that helped. They really went the extra mile and seemed to care about their customers being satisfied. What other company does that? W-King headquarters are outside the US — like practically every other speaker company. But you’d never know it. Unlike other speaker companies, their English in their user manual and support emails is impeccable, so no worries there. Their manuals, support emails and web sites are clear and easier to understand than most. USAGE TIPS: If you should ever need to contact W-along support, be sure to use their email address for Amazon customers. That email address contains “Amazon.” It’s in the user manual. Skip their web site and the email address listed there. They’re not intended for US or Amazon customer support. I’d guess the best setup for this type of speaker to spread the volume evenly would probably be one speaker in the middle of the room, or two identical speakers paired together and spread apart. Personally I like putting this speaker on its side. This makes it more stable and less likely to fall or be knocked over. (Though it appears to have fairly solid protection from falls.) Personally, I wish the sound didn’t cut out with a loud beep when you reach the max volume. I wish there was an indicator to show the volume level. I wish the flashing lights (which are pretty) were off by default. But these are not disadvantages of the T9, because *every* portable speaker I know also does these things I can definitely recommend you try out this speaker. There’s really no risk. If this speaker doesn’t “wow” you like it did me, Amazon will let you return it as usual at no cost to you.
Reviewed on August 03, 2023
So I don't know if it was mentioned in the description but I learned the hard way that the regular T9 is a different speaker than the t9-2. You can pair them together or daisy chain them. So yes, it was pointless in getting the second one, but W-king is still and amazing speaker for the price . Just want buyers to make sure that they get two speakers that are the same speaker. Mixing the two will not work
Reviewed on June 28, 2023
I love it! I’m in a giant forklift all day long and it has a radio but the speakers went out so I needed some tunes! I researched all kinds of speakers and let me tell u I couldn’t have picked a better choice the handle is what is the best because it hangs perfectly off of the hanger in I’m the cab of my lift… the sound is awesome let’s just say there are metal cutting saws going off everywhere and all the guys can hear me comin! Hell I can’t even hear my walk-in talkie when the guys try to call me on it… and I love it!! The thing gets on my nerves anyways! Great sound lights are a bit silly so I just turn them off over all can’t be happier with my purchase! W-king u rock!
Reviewed on July 27, 2023
This is a great speaker for an outside bbq or inside. The sound Is great and very loud. Wish it had better bass but other than that I've had no problems with it at all. Long charge life and literally last all day long unlike many others. Charge takes a while but definitely worth the wait