Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones, 180H Playtime Ear Buds IPX8 Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones, in-Ear Headphones with LED Display Touch Control for Sport/Work (Black)

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  • 【IPX8 Waterproof & Ergonomic Design】: The waterproof sports earphones use nano-coating to professionally protect the interior from the influence of water and sweat and prolong the service life.The unique earfin design conforms to the ergonomic design, making the running headphones comfortable and fit, even if you exercise vigorously, you don’t have to worry about the headset slipping off.
  • 【180H Long Playtime & LED Display】:A single charge gives you a full 5 hours of listening, while the charging case for Bluetooth earbuds extends that to 180 hours.The LED display on wireless headphone accurately display the remaining power of earbuds and charging case. Besides, charging case can be used as a power bank to charge your phone in an emergency.
  • 【Latest Bluetooth 5.1 & Superior Sound Quality】:The True Wireless Earbuds uses the latest Bluetooth 5.1 chipset. It provides faster and more stable signal transmission within 32 feet.The in-ear earbuds use 8mm graphene drivers to give the sound a deep bass and stereo effect. This gives music a wider soundstage and superior clarity.
  • 【One-Step Pairing & Touch Control】:Open the wireless earphones charging case they'll automatically connect to the last paired device! By touching the Bluetooth earphones to answer/hang up the phone, play/pause, Previous song/next song , volume up/down, and access to other functions, the operation is very simple and convenient.
  • 【Packing Specifications & After-sales】:U-AIR4 running headphones includes a recharging case, wireless earbuds, Type-C charging cable, earplug/earfin × 3 pairs (initial installation M), and instruction manual. If there are any quality problems with the sports headphone during the 180-day warranty period, contact us via Amazon Mail and we will offer you a refund or replacement.

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Reviewed on May 08, 2023
Got these yesterday with a 10-dollar-off coupon and free same-day delivery. You can barely get decent-sounding earbuds with half the features these have so they were a no-brainer. I'll quickly go thru a pros/cons list after listening to them last night and working out with them today at the gym. Pros: -IPX 8 which is as waterproof as you can get with an earbud. I don't need that level as I'm quite careful with my electronics but it's a nice safety blanket. -Decent sound for what is likely a budget DD driver with good clarity, soundstage, and instrument separation. Bass isn't bad either, for a budget set. -Bluetooth 5.1. Not the latest codex but not the oldest and does a good job of connecting and staying connected. -Long battery life...especially with the big battery in the case. More on that later. Also, case doubles as an emergency power bank for your phone or other devices. -A digital display which is unheard of at this price point and it feels relatively sturdy and well made. -Little wings that help them stay in during very active exercise like running or jumping. Less likely to have one fall out. -Volume controls on the earbuds. Some of my other budget earbuds don't have that and it's annoying. Cons: - The case is massive. I'm certain it's due to the big battery for the power bank but don't expect to be anything close to a normal TWS case. -Comes with those annoying little "half" ear tips. Don't stay in my ears well or seal well either. Not a biggie since I almost immediately roll tips (I have a LOT of extras I've kept over the years) when I get new earphones. -You have to be a little careful which tips you do choose as anything too big will prevent the case from closing and the earbuds from charging. -Made by an unknown Chinese company. To be fair, so are most other earbuds these days and who's to say it isn't a company that makes one or more of the high-end name brand buds that charge big bucks? That's pretty much it. I'll edit and add more if I think of anything. These are a bargain at 20-25 bucks and a steal at 16 but you'll have to keep an eye out to get that kind of coupon/discount.
Reviewed on July 17, 2023
I'm replacing a pair of Bose Soundsport which cost over $200 when I bought them with a pair that cost less than $40 and I expected a real drop in sound quality. I am delighted to find that they are VERY comparable both in sound and overall design. The case doesn't pop open like on the Bose, but the case feels nicer in the hand, a bit smaller, and I like the display. They came with a good charger and 2 pouches of earbuds and flanges for a really nice fit. They are rated as waterproof, altho I've read that this is just for sweat & rain - still may try them out swimming - something I wished I could have done with the Bose. If they continue to work I will be a happy customer!
Reviewed on July 25, 2023
Im honestly impressed, especially for the price. The fit is far more comfortable than I thought it would be and stay perfectly in place when i do cardio or other high impact activities. The sound quality is great and they are actually louder than I need them to be (that's saying a lot for someone who really likes to blast their music). The buds actually disconnect from my phone when I put them in the case (in issue I've had with previous buds). The charge last for over a week of gym time. I'd say my only complaint is that the buttons on the buds are super sensitive which can be a little annoying.
Reviewed on January 09, 2023
Update: It's been about 7 months and I have to say that I use my earbuds a good amount on the day to day between music and movies. Sound is still great, charging is still working, connecting to phone is still automatic when I take them out of the case. However, the touch function has stopped working on the left ear bud. It no longer recognizes my touch. I cannot skip tracks, pause movies, or answer/hang up calls. I am disappointed that this function stopped as I use it all the time. I am going to keep the headphones for now until it bothers me enough to get something different. I wouldn't be opposed if the company wanted to send me a new pair due to this malfunction. . . Update: Okay so, the conclusion is, charging works when you plug it into your computer. It doesn't charge like a phone would. You don't see it go up every percentage (Example: 50% to 51%.) You see 50%, and then it will skip up to 60% after a while. That is fine for me. And honestly, it didn't seem to take that long to charge. Increased my rating. I still believe the seller should include a charging block because they need a specific way of charging, but it is not a deal breaker in my case, since the computer works. I love these and would buy again. Maybe next time, the pink ones will be on the same sale. (Fingers Crossed) Update: It's been a few weeks since I purchased these and I haven't needed to charge them. My case is now at 60% so I decided to try and charge them. Because I don't have and absolutely cannot find a "slow" charging block anywhere, I tried plugging the case with the USB directly into my computer to charge. I am still getting a flashing "IN" and it is not charging (Still at 60%). It's been on the charger for an hour now. I am really upset about this, I wanted to love these. I am going to keep them on the charger for another hour to see if there is a difference. Okay so first off, I really wanted the pink ones. But they have a $10 off coupon for the black and only a 10% off coupon for the pink. Not sure what that is about.... Sound quality for me, is good. I am not a "sound aficionado"; I don't need a lot of bass and stuff destroying my hearing. The sound is good, it doesn't feel "empty" and it works well with music or all of my binge watching on my phone. It does what I need it to for music/movies/shows. The design of the earbud itself is spectacular. There are lots of size options, and I cannot express how happy I am that they are sleek and do not stick out of ear a crazy amount. there are so many earbuds that are heavy and bulky and fall out of your ear because they stick out too much. these ones fit snugly in my ears, and they do not fall out. I have really tiny ears and tiny ear canals, so this is really a huge plus for me. Also, they are very comfortable. I wear them in all day. The design of the case is pretty good. I love the digital read display for sure. My only thing is, it is a bit heavy, as far as cases go. Also, the little door in front of the charging ports is flimsy. I am terrified of breaking that off one day. I would almost prefer it just not being there. It almost feels like an afterthought. So my BIGGEST cons are: Don't think for a second that you can use these to talk to people on the phone. Don't get me wrong, if you are in a completely quiet, very silent room, the call quality on both ends is great. However, the second you decide to move, walk, type or move something, your person on the phone can hear EVERYTHING. I was so excited to try out my new earbuds at Costco while I was shopping, and was talking to my husband. I was not even that close to the register and he could hear every person's conversation as if he were talking to them in person. That was a huge disappointment. Now I know that I cannot use these for phone calls when I am out shopping. I bought them because I thought they would work well for both music and calls. I was very wrong. However, because they work and fit so well for music and movies, I will not be returning them. Unfortunately, I will just have to purchase a separate headset meant for phone calls only so I can talk on the go. My other huge setback was that it absolutely does not work with a fast charging block. In this day and age, why on earth would it not work with a fast charger? Everything is fast charging now. They should say somewhere on the listing that it does not work with a fast charger, or they could even go as far as to include a "slow" charging block so that we don't have to #1, figure out that is what is needed, and #2, try to locate a "slow" charging block somewhere... Not sure where TBH. Once again, I am overall decently happy with them and will be keeping them. But if you are getting them for calls, I would keep looking. If you are getting them for music, they are a winner for sure.